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Life-Coaching Giveaway for Those of Us Who Are a Bit of a Mess Most of the Time


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Oh friends. Let me tell you about my day.

But first, I must start with last night, when I was writing a celebratory post about the launch of Longing for Paris. It was then that my screen turned all white.

And my computer bit the dust.

On launch eve.

I mean, one just had to laugh.

So I went to bed knowing I could deal with it in the morning. Ah yes, the morning, when my daughter came to me asking for itching cream. “Why?” I asked. Because this:


Yea, some kind of something all over her hands. She’s been having strange allergic reactions lately, so I decided to take her to the doc. Before we left, I put up this quick post about the book launching, and made an appointment at the apple store.

Once my girl was taken care of, I came home to the loveliest of surprises. My sweet neighbor Lynn brought over a Parisian lunch for me in honor of my book launch.


And she even brought sparkling apple juice, and then made a toast in my honor. With all the neighborhood kids. Because this is my everyday life (the kids, not the food) and Lynn is the best.


After this, I headed over to Barnes & Noble and signed some books, and then onto the Apple store where they told me my problem was just a video card and they would happily fix it for FREE. Ya’ll. I cannot even tell you how this made my day because I was sure I was going to have to buy a new computer and that just would have been a major bummer. I’ll be without my computer for five days, but that’s okay because I stole my husbands. 🙂


I knew I still needed wanted to put up a giveaway post, but what I really needed was to get away and just be with my kiddos and do something fun. Because the thing about launching a book is that it brings out all sorts of crazy in you. For example, this morning I slept in and avoided checking my email or social media because I just wanted to pretend it was all over. That’s crazy. You work for so long for this moment, for this week, and now that it’s here, I’m kind of losing it.

I went to my husbands JOB SITE and in the middle of talking to him just burst into tears and fell into his arms. He said, “I was wondering when you would burst.”

It’s a funny thing, putting a book out to the world, especially when you now have to do pre-launch stuff. I didn’t do any of that when I launched Desperate.  It’s exhausting and exciting and your adrenaline is up and then down, and you experience feelings of loneliness and failure and you beg the Lord to keep you grounded and firm in Him.

It’s just a wild ride.

But it’s done. She’s out. That baby girl, she’s in the world now for all to see and make comments on and love her or not love her. It’s all vulnerable.

I’m rambling now.

Let’s move on to celebrating my sweet little Longing for Paris, shall we? By the way, you can go ahead and get yourself a copy RIGHT HERE.

GIVEAWAY: Life-Coaching!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.40.04 PM

Since I’m feeling all crazy today, and I could probably use some good council and encouragement from a wise friend, I figure maybe some of you out there could use that as well. I mean, most of us are on the verge of crazy at some point or another. In church on Sunday my friend sat next to me and she just kept crying. And then she’d look at me and just say, “I’m just a mess today. It’s okay.” I looked at her and said, “I’m a mess 99% of the time. You’re not alone.”


Why am I telling you all of this? Because when I wrote Longing for Paris, I had to sort out some of my mess. I was struggling with questions of womanhood and dreams and motherhood and how to delight in a world where so much evil exists. The book is really a story, a bunch of stories, of my untangling. And we don’t untangle alone. My friend Carey is an untangler of sorts. She is a listener and a processor and she knows just which questions to ask to help you get unstuck.

Carey is a life-coach, and today’s giveaway is two full sessions with her to help you figure out some of your longings and dreams and what to do with them in the middle of your reality. I will pick two winners.

To enter, just fill out the form below!

Oh, and if you just want to go ahead and get yourself some life-coaching with Carey STAT, you can get a 20% discount on a coaching package till 9/1/2015 by using code: LONGINGFORPARIS

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to EVERYONE AND ANYONE! Yea Canada! 😉

Much love, SM

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  • Jessica K

    Life coaching. ..I do desperately need this right now! So much negative in my life I yearn for the positive, for the joy, but I’m really lost at how to get there!

  • Julie Wilson

    I’m not lying when I say I had 3 crying episodes Sunday!! I’m feeling just a little stuck and need some accountability to get from point A to point B!!!

  • Jennifer Pac Scott

    Life coaching would be great to have a sounding board to help me get back to the go-getter I used to be before three babies! I’m definitely out of survival mode but not as goal oriented or efficient as I used to be.

  • Catherine Elizabeth

    I could use life coaching to figure out how to balance my life with homeschool, motherhood, wifehood and ministry.

  • Stormy Myers

    I have been stuck, sad, despairing, and just surviving for too long. I think some life coaching might help snap me back to joy and living!

  • Jimmie Lee DiIanni

    I could use some life coaching in personal growth, overcoming mistakes and marriage

  • Megan

    I would love some life coaching on how to learn to appreciate the mundane and my health.

  • Rahasia Kita

    After spending 10 years preparing for and in overseas missions, I’m back in the US with no plans and no direction.

  • Ginger

    What a sweet giveaway !!
    I find myself turning 49 in a few days. I raised 2 sons, have a 12 year old son, I am still working on. My 23 year marriage has come to an end. I lost my precious Mother last August to some kind of horribly fast dementia, that some how engulfed her and even though I said my good byes she was unresponsive. I was orphaned after that, even though my Father is still living. I have to have my son and I out of our house and it supposedly fixed and sold by January 1. I really have no idea what I am going to do, but I do know in all this Mess that just started to badly unravel in 2009, God is Good, and I am Loved. Somehow God will get me through this!

  • Jessica Frank Yoder

    Rollercoaster of life, constantly the “giver”, and mom of three with another on the way….where do my dreams (beyond the home) fit in??

  • Kellie

    Yes! I would greatly appreciate some coaching…coaching to help me find my joy again…with 3 littles it’s so very hard to find time to sort ourselves out. My family has experienced many huge life changes over the past year. I wake up and go to sleep feeling I’m living someone else’s life. Def not on the path that I chose…

  • Darlene Collazo

    Would it be okay to say, I’m not too sure where I need life-coaching? More like life in the last 5 years has been that ride you talk about in Longing For Paris… the finding of your home right here and learning to cultivate beauty, truth, and virtue on my own land. There’s peace about it. Joy even. Freedom. I’m sure talking to a life-coach would be amazing though, so yeah… thanks for this giveaway 🙂 Praying for you during this launch week. Grace. Peace. and Strength, friend! <3

  • Trisha

    Life Coaching? Um, yes please. I’m just a mess. Pretty much all. the. time.

  • Billie

    Life coaching ? Yes . Yes! Definitely could use some as I see my kids growing much too quickly and this full time I adore is going to come to an end within 8 years and I have no idea..what then? I fully believe that God will direct me then but I’m feeling nudged to look beyond these 4 walls now .

  • Jill

    Congratulations on the book release and three cheers for life coaching friends!

  • Rebecca Palmer

    So excited to receive my book in the mail;))
    Life coaching… Yes!! I would love to get over a move we made a few years ago and a few other things!! Hugs!

  • Krystle

    I would love the opportunity to work with a life coach! As I am (thankfully) moving out of a negative season in my life, I need support on how to move through the rubble, learn the lessons, and create a new normal. This would be a wonderful gift for my life.

  • Amy Tilson

    It’s been a loooooong 8 months and I know I haven’t fully processed everything because I’ve had to just push through and keep moving. I could use a bit of untangling myself! BTW – love both you ladies!!!

  • Mel

    Life coach for selfishness, pride and greed. Oh Lord help me.

  • Jan

    Oh my, isn’t that typical. .. your computer crashes and your daughter needs medical attention on launch day! You handled it so well! Thanks for your lovely blog and your book that I cannot wait to read! 🙂 I could use life coaching pretty much everywhere I think! Lol I’m SO frustrated with my inability to start or end my day in a timely way and just be content with the stage I’m at. I think I’m ok and then it hits me again! Courage to you this week and wishing you well with your book launch!

  • Keri Snyder

    I am currently processing through a lot from my past and learning to let go and move forward- a life coach would be wonderful!

  • Melissa Q

    I’m launching into a whole new “season of life” with all of my boys in school full time. I’m excited and also feeling a little empty about this change and could use some *conversation* to help me adjust and find out what I’d like to focus on as things shift with my time and energy.

  • Becky H

    Love this! Just got your book delivered in the mail yesterday, cannot wait to dive into it!!

  • Nadia Comaneci Gadson-Moses

    I’ve been unemployed for 2 years November 2015, and although I continue to apply for jobs, I really don’t feel confident. Thus, I actually like it when I don’t progress to the next step in the application. Yet, I continue to loathe my life doesn’t its circumstances.

  • Regina Brown

    Where could I NOT use life coaching in my life?
    While I’m supporting my husband through his very demanding job which has begun to take him out of town for days on end, I’m currently attempting to finish college online(each regularly scheduled semester class is only 5 weeks long for me), put my four youngest children through elementary, middle and high school, encourage and support my oldest son who lives several states away and will be introducing me to my first grandchild in January, assisting ALL four of my parents who are less than 60 and already in need of medical assistance and whatever I can do to help them; my lifewas turned upside down by multiple spouts of unemployment which drained what little confidence I had to face the public, and because of my years of coping with the debilitating disease of endometriosis I’ve undergone medical treatment in the form of progesterone tablets every day as opposed to a hysterectomy, which have caused symptoms of menopause such as hour flashes, night sweats, depression and anxiety which leave me hiding in my room in bed most days, and while I know that the Lord has called me to write, and that I would find my purpose and reason for living if I would or could just do it, I’m finding less time every day to myself for the purpose of writing, and less desire to do it for fear of failure, rejection and mistaken identity in Christ. I could use a little help…

  • Carlie V.

    After the birth of my second baby, I’ve just had such a hard time getting my feet under me again. I’m waiting to get your book in the mail and so looking forward to reading your words.

  • Amanda Weatherford

    All 3 of my kiddos are in school as of this year… So how do I shift from an identity of SaHM to “whatever it is I am supposed to do now” So basically… I need a life coach to tell me what I should be when I grow up. 🙂

  • Felicity Sevanick

    With a new business, two grown children, dreams and aspirations of being a writer, along with the biggest desire to be the daughter of God that I’ve been called to be, I’m feeling a bit overwhelemed. The highs of excitement and ambition swing rapidly to lows of fear and uncertainty. I would love a life coach to help me unravel the mystery of where to begin on my journey and how to leave the baggage behind!

  • Erin @ My Mommy World

    Figuring out how to prioritize everything in my life…marriage, motherhood, blog, housework, etc. Most days I feel like I’m running to catch up with everything and not doing a good job in general.

  • Nikki

    I have been enjoying a book reading spree lately and would love to add another to add to my summer list. There is always room to learn something new. Thanks for the chance.

  • Sara Vandertil Karr

    what a great giveaway would love this and thanks for allowing us Canadians to be part

  • Sara Vandertil Karr

    would use it to figure out life I am dealing with so much so much like Sarah Mae

  • Angie

    I could use a life coach to find some direction. Sometimes it feels like my wheels are spinning but we’re not going anywhere.

  • Lindsay

    I could use some life-coaching help in learning how to manage being a wife AND mother (both task can seem overwhelming & confusing to me at times). I’ve searched for a mentor for several years, but none of the older, wiser ladies in church seems to be interested…or either are too busy with there own kids. There are days I have no clue how to entertain my son. My childhood days were filled with public school and television. I want to raise my son differently! Sometimes it seems so difficult to change habits that I was taught as a child, especially without someone to help guide and direct me in ways to manage a family. Not to mention, my desire for alone time, that never seems to be possible. I could definitely benefit from life-coaching!!

  • Amanda R., Louisville

    I could use life coaching to find out why I feel so directionless. I find myself riding my emotions, drawn to drama and struggling to find authenticity. I want off of that roller coaster. I want to hear the Spirit’s sweet whispers again and to not ignore them when I do. I want to experience life in Christ. I want to rest in the Father’s arms. And I have no idea where to begin.

  • Candace B

    I’m entering a new season of life this year- my oldest is going to school, I’m going back to work part-time, God has called us to serve somewhere different after 6 years… A lot of changes! And several personal issues that I won’t mention here. I would love And could certainly use these sessions. Congratulations o, your new book! I loved Desperate and can’t wait to read this one!

  • Monica Lynn

    As a wife, mom, homeschooler and blogger I could certainly use a life coach to help me with prioritization and focus.

  • Cathy

    I entered a new season of life about two years ago. The season welcomed “Desperate”, but still hasn’t caught up yet. I love how God works in my life, and I am so blessed by the many wonderful women he has mentoring me. There is still a gap to fill, that needs to be filled. There is still a “Desperate” that need to be washed away.

  • Stacy Duncan

    My Mom called me tonight to say she got my book in her mailbox today! SO excited Sarah!!!

  • Paige Y.

    I could certainly use a life coach to help me wrap up my goals in a pretty box. Wait! Is that possible? See, I need life coaching. ❤️

  • delicatefade

    I could use some life coaching to figure out what my dreams really are.

  • Tamara Derbyshire

    I feel stuck… I really could use some guidance with what I believe The Lord had called me to do.

  • Diane

    Where to begin? My role as a wife, stepmom, relationships in general right now. Secondly, how/where/when my purpose is in my life these days. Lost focus!

  • Wanda O

    Should I join the blog conversation so late in the game? What should I do with my passions…wait or do them now?

  • Ana @ Lessons From Yesterday

    Yikes, I need this in all areas!

  • Leah Stanley Loy

    WOW!! What an awesome give-away. I just got a job promotion and NEED this so much! Thank you for this opportunity! You are AWESOME!!

  • Janeen

    I would like to explore the gap between the life I have and the life I would like to be living.

  • shelley lewis

    To help me move forward after some life changing events this pass year.

  • Helen Thomas

    Definitely with balancing work-from-home and starting homeschooling preschool!

  • N McHale

    I love everything about this book, the launch and the giveaways! So excited to have it.

  • amanda s

    I think just trying to find my place as a mom and a wife finding that balance and also I enjoy working but I really struggle with my mom and wife duties when I have a job at the same time

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