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Try the World with Me! Giveaway!


Photo Credit: My adorable six year old (you can see her on the vid below)

Oh friends.

I have THE BEST MOST FUN giveaway for you today in honor of my new book, Longing for Paris (which you have picked it up, right?! It’s the perfect end of summer beach read!). And I would have had it up sooner but apparently it takes a billion years to upload an iPhone video to YouTube. Yes, I’m sure someone out there knows something I don’t, but alas, here we are. At nearly bedtime. On a Friday night. Le sigh.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 7.57.14 PM

Photo by my dear friend Amy Smoker

But it doesn’t matter because YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE this giveaway.

First, watch the video. You must. Because it’s so cute because of the cutest cuteness in it. Hint: not me. 🙂

Can’t see the video? Click here!


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 7.28.58 PM

Today’s supremely delicious giveaway is… A SUBSCRIPTION TO TRY THE WORLD!!!!!

Two subscriptions, actually. TWO OF YOU WILL WIN A YEAR LONG SUBSCRIPTION! I mean, food delivered to your door from AROUND THE WORLD every two months. WHAT COULD BE BETTER?! Not much. Let’s be honest.

What is Try the World?

Try the World is a subscription service that offers curated food for you to discover and enjoy from around the world right where you are. What a delight!

Now, go and have a peek around, drool a little bit, then come on back and enter by filling out the form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Small print: Open to U.S. only. 

Good “luck” and happy drooling!

Love, SM

Longing for Paris!

Get your copy of Longing for Paris at your local bookstore or at one these lovely vendors:

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Print this!

  • Lesa Brackbill

    They all sound amazing!!

  • Tiffani Anderson

    I would eat all of the things. Although I think maybe, no nevermind…all of the things.

  • Kelly Pallesen

    I want to try the Argentina box! I grew up going there every year on missions trips and then studied there for a year after high school! How fun to introduce my husband and daughter to some of the foods from a country so dear to me!

  • Jennifer Pac Scott

    Oooh I’d love anything from Europe!

  • Dana

    France! Cookies and truffles…yes please!

  • K

    The Paris box looks fun! Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  • Sandyn

    They all sound wonderful, but I’d really like to try the tea, coffee, and drinks!

  • Amy

    A variety from Europe!

  • delicatefade

    That sounds like so much fun! I will enjoy it through the video 😉

  • Lindsay

    I would love any from Europe!

  • Shannon

    France definitely. I am a pastry kind of girl.

  • amanda s

    I seriously cannot pick! I would LOVE them all…I love different cultural things and I would want them all to come to my house!!!!! 🙂

  • Bethany Brown

    They all look wonderful! I think I would want to try the France one first, but seriously, what a great giveaway!

  • Lauriew

    They all look wonderful! But if pressed, I’d try the Morocco box!!

  • Kristal Woods

    I think I would have to try the Morocco box, or Italy…but maybe France? They all look so good!

  • april

    Tough choice, but if I have to pick it would be Italy!

  • Michelle Clevenger

    Italy or France… How fun!

  • Alicia M

    The Italy or the France box would be my top pick!

  • Megan

    I would have to go with France. I’m a sucker for anything remotely french-like. 🙂

  • Kat Goodman Harris

    How exciting! What a cool thing to get every month!

  • Rahasia Kita

    The Thailand box is the one I’d want to try first.

  • Amy Boone

    Italy or France for sure!

  • Sam

    France please!

  • wendygreenspan

    France please Thanks for the giveaway

  • Emily Martens Ngui

    The box from France, s’il vous plaît!

  • Karen Wiebe Reimer

    I think I would choose either ireland, or Italy!

  • SHAWNA Heidenreich

    Italy! 🙂 Such a great idea!

  • Make something beautiful!

    Sounds so fun!! I would love to try Germany!

  • Vicki Miller

    Would love to try the Venice box!

  • Briana

    How I would love to win these boxes, and I can’t wait to read your book.

  • Tara

    I would love to try them all! What a fun giveaway! Thank you!

  • babcock_km

    What an awesome giveaway!!! The perfect treat while Longing for Paris!

  • Holly Brown

    I’m so excited for this giveaway! I’ve wanted to try this ever since I heard about it! I’d love to try the Morocco box (we love all things Mediterranean!) but because of the amazing spreads and desserts, I’d also love the France box! ALL OF THEM!

  • Chasidi Sharp

    Ireland for me! I love this! I would love to share this with my play group!! We like all tasty food especially chocolate!

  • Jody Greetham

    Ooh Italy!!

  • Gigi

    I don’t see a list of all of the countries from which they send boxes, so I can’t really say which box I would most like to try. I’m sure that any of them would be interesting and fun.

  • Angela Leonard

    Italy or France! But really ALL of them!

  • Melissa Turner Jones

    I’d love just about anywhere! I love trying foods from different countries!

  • Felicia

    Try the World – so fun!!! Such a great concept! Loved the video SM, especially when your daughter talks about the “Jello”, so cute!

  • Kristen


  • Nina Rowan

    This is a GREAT contest!

  • Erika @ Overflow

    Ok. This is an epically fun giveaway and so appropriate for all of us dreamers. Love it.

  • Christine Higdem

    Love this idea! I want to try them all!! Squee!!

  • Jenny McDaniel

    Italy without a doubt! 🙂

  • Courtney

    The Japan box looks awesome!

  • Lorie


  • Shannon Kemp


  • Debbie Clauer


  • April

    I’ve been to Paris once and it is such an interesting place so I would totally love to try the Parisian box!

  • Laura Lindsey

    France! 🙂

  • cajohansson2

    How much fun! I’ve never heard of these boxes before. Can I say I would want to try them all? 🙂

  • ldroll

    France! My boys went to Europe this year and Loved the food there. I’d like to surprise them and cook something from there.

  • Rachel Lundy

    I would love to try a box from Brazil!

  • Beth Ryburn Whitlow

    I think Argentina intrigues me the most, although all of it sounds great!

  • Bethany

    France! But, really any of them!

  • Angie

    This looks so neat! France!

  • Erin @ My Mommy World

    Uh, the French box, of course! 😉

  • Christy Emrick

    All of them, any of them. I love surprises!

  • Rita Sheppard

    I’d start with the Paris box, from the land of my ancestors.

  • Lisa Pauley

    I would start with Greece because it looks so amazing in movies. I have always wanted to visit. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  • breaduh

    Argentina! That Dulce De Leche is making me drool!

  • Becky Bo

    I think the French box! But, I could be happy with all of them.

  • tammy cordery

    I would love the Italy box. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Rachel Anna

    I’d love to try the French box, although I’m sure all the boxes would be awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • MishV

    I would love to try the french box but they all sound FANTASTIC! Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  • Tammy


  • Mariah

    Japan or Sweden would be cool!!! 🙂

  • Cherie

    Argentina or Brazil would be fun. They all sound great, though!!

  • Dessie

    I would like to try Spain and Greece

  • Megan Greenwood

    The one from Japan looks cool.

  • mjeaustin

    Argentina, Italy and France are calling my name right now, but all of those boxes sound great!

  • Lisa

    I would love any box!

  • Kelly Canfield

    France, please!

  • Shannon Deterding

    France! Of course!

  • Debbie

    I’d love to try France!

  • DeeG131

    The Italy box! 🙂

  • Mary Clendenin

    This is neat!! I would love one from France.

  • cezovski

    France or Italy

  • Nisa


  • vintagequeen81

    I would love one from France, England, Ireland, or India!

  • Hilary Knott Stillwell

    France! Or Morroco. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kristin

    The Italy box!

  • Olivia Adair

    Ooh- can’t choose! But I’ll go with Morocco!

  • grace

    Japan looks so delish! 🙂

  • Janeen

    It’s got to be Ireland!

  • Mrt226


  • Sheri P


  • Kelsey Merriman Eberth

    Easy…ITALY!! Mmmmm

  • Bonnie

    Mmm, Morocco!

  • Kimberly S

    I would love one from Ireland, my favorite, but Italy or France sounds amazing as well!! Thank you!!

  • Kaylee Vida

    India!!! I LOVE Indian food!!!

  • Malia


  • Lisa Bryan Taylor

    Italy would be my first choice followed by France!

  • Jeni Palmer

    I would love this! Looks like so much fun!

  • Angela Parlin

    Who knew there was something like this?! I love it!

  • Lisa C


  • Jennifer Wilson Millett

    Wow! I have never heard of this before, but I love it! Definitely France for a first choice. With Morocco a close second.

  • Amanda


  • Michelle Leone

    I have to decide?! I suppose I would choose Italy first!

  • melanieamoore

    Italy!! Congrats on your book release!!!

  • Dwight-Elizabeth Bailey

    What a fun box! It would be challenging to choose a first – Turkey, Sweden, England or Switzerland would all be top picks. Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂

  • Heather Molan

    I would love the Italy box!

  • Nikki Norris

    Italy or Ireland would be cool to try.

  • Mariah


  • Jessica White

    OH goodness…I don’t know what country…Switzerland…one word: Chocolate!

  • Kristen W

    You had me at coconut truffle!!! I would looooove a Parisien Box first! Thanks for the chance to potentially indulge in some goodness!! My favorite from #longingforparis is still about cheese 🙂 #justbeingreal

  • Carmen N

    Italy would be my favorite

  • Sara S.

    Oh my goodness! What a treat! I would love to try the Parisian box.

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