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For Those Who Need Healing For Past Wounds (Core Lies Intensive)


Me, my sophomore year of college, rockin’ the overalls

In college, I was a bit of a mess.

And let’s face it, I am a bit of a mess still, but not quite the destructive mess I once was. See in college, as a new believer, I carried into my redeemed life quite a history. And childhood wounds and painful choices that leave reactionary scars are hard to control…especially when we don’t even know we’re acting out of them. But once light was shed into the darkness of my lies through wise and kind mentors/counselors, I was able to begin to live free and respond out of truth instead of what the pain told me to believe.

My life was changed.

This was the beginning of my hunger to live true and vulnerable and free and completely by faith in the One that held me close and called me His.


At a Navigators fall retreat. Such a gift.

It was is this innate drive, woven into me by God Himself, that compels me to want to see women set free and living fully awake lives.

I love how Christine Cain says, “Why settle for deliverance when we can have freedom?

God delivers us from sin and death, but so many of us still stay locked up in our wounds and lies and history and never walk into the promises that God has for us, the freedom that He calls into.

And this is where my soul stirs, in this freedom and this call for all women to walk free and healed and whole so they can live uncovered and unashamed. So they can live true. So they can get on with the beautiful business of the Kingdom, in their homes, for the world, and for their own souls…all to the glory of God.

Friends, I am over the moon excited to tell you about something I’ve been able to create to help women, to help YOU, who feel a bit locked up to start to walk in freedom.

It is a Core Lies Intensive and it is part of my Longing for Life Course.

Longing for Life course!

Me talking about how our deeply ingrained lies hold us back from true freedom

What is the Core Lies Intensive?

The Core Lies Intensive is a time of working through our lies in a step-by-step format with a professional counselor via webinar in order to begin walking free. Read more about the intensive HERE.

Who Will Be Hosting the Intensive?

I will be hosting the intensive and Kimberely D. Knockel will be leading everyone through it.

kimberleyKimberley D. Knochel, M.A.B.C., is a pastoral counselor, consultant, trainer, and spiritual formation director. She has worked in the counseling field for more than 24 years. With previous experience as a director of pastoral care and counseling for a local church, a counselor and instructor at a Christian college, a counselor, trainer, and consultant with The Navigators, and a counselor with other para-church organizations and churches, Kimberley is uniquely equipped to help her clients experience true transformation and healing. You can read more about her at her here.

I know Kimberely personally as she has counseled me during my time in the Navigators ministry. She is also dear friends with the two people who have impacted me the most in my life (next to Sally Clarkson), Dave and Cathy Bowman. And it was with Dave and Cathy that she developed and teaches the core lies concept, which is life-changing material.

This webinar will be recorded and available to all course members to watch at any time.

UPDATE: The webinar is now available for viewing through the course. Get started HERE.

When Will the Intensive Be Held?

The Core Lies Intensive was held the 15th but is now available in the course website to watch. Join the course HERE.

How Do I Get Access to the Intensive?

The Core Lies Intensive is part of the Longing for Life course, a course that guides you towards living a satisfied, unregrettable life. You can read more about the course HERE.

If you were to have just one 50 minute session with Kimberely, it would cost you $90. But as a course member, we are offering this time with Kimberely for FREE.

To join the course and get access to the Core Lies Intensive, go HERE. You can purchase the whole course for only $19.

Can I Get Group Pricing for the Course?

Yes! If you want to go through the course and the intensive with a group of women, please email Brian (at) and he will set you all up!



Oh man, as I’m writing this I’m just practically bursting because I have the privilege of introducing you to Kimberely and the honor of hosting something that I believe will change the trajectory of your life. What a gift!

If you are locked up in any way, struggling with anger or past wounds or issues that won’t let you experience freedom, please join us on Tuesday.

It’s time to begin living free.

UPDATE: The webinar was AMAZING. To read some quotes from the webinar, click HERE and scroll down.

With love, SM

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