On Weary Bones and Getting Unstuck (Replay of My First Periscope) - Sarah Mae
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On Weary Bones and Getting Unstuck (Replay of My First Periscope)


Well, I finally decided to give Periscope a go. And…

It was so fun! What a treat to be able to talk to you all live where you can ask questions and interact and it’s all FREE! Oh technology, you are such a gift. Anyway, my first go round was a miss. My video replay didn’t work (there was no volume and I was sideways), so I did an encore of my first little talk and the replay worked! Yay! You can watch below!

5 Ways to Bring Relief To Your Weary Bones

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Love, SM

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  • Becca

    Thanks so much for taking the time to speak just what this homeschooling mama needed to hear!! I know you are crazy busy, if you can provide the link for the life is not an emergency sigh? I went to a holy experience but couldn’t find it. I did see they are having an awesome conference in NY close to us and I am sooooo excited. Love how God works! Thanks again. Love and Prayers, Becca

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