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I’m Looking for 100 Dedicated Readers (Book Launch Team)

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I wonder how many of you were around in the beginning? This was my old blogging station in my old house in 2008!

Many of you have been readers and friends and supporters for a long time. Some of you, years.

I started blogging over seven years ago (remember Like a Warm Cup of Coffee?!), and over that time one of the most successful, crazy fun things happened: I released my first for-sale eBook, 31 Days to Clean. It went on to sell over 40,000 copies. It struck a nerve, and I know why. The reason it resonated with women is because SO MANY OF US aren’t awesome, natural cleaning types, but want to have a warm, cozy, welcoming, decently-clean home. It was a way to say, “Hey, me too, I’m not a great cleaner, but I still want to do it and be hospitable and not trip over the laundry!” The other reason it resonated is because there was a soul element to it; it wasn’t just about the cleaning. It was about the heart of the woman as well, because the truth is, that’s what I care about, the heart and the soul behind anything we do as women, as mothers, and as homemakers. And when I say homemaker, I mean any woman who cares about making a home, whether she works outside of it or not.

Now, all of this to say that 31 Days to Clean is now Having a Martha Home the Mary Way and IT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN MARCH thanks to Tyndale! (Don’t buy it yet, please, because I have goodies for those of you who wait!)

Here’s what I need from you faithful readers, I need a group of 100 dedicated women who are willing to hang with me for a month as I prepare to bring this baby into the world. More specifically, I’m looking for those of you are WITH ME and believe in the art of hospitality and homemaking and having a soul at peace secure in God’s love, whether you rock at cleaning or not.

If this sounds like you, keep reading…

A Strong Team of 100 M & M’s

Yep, I’m looking for Mary’s and Martha’s, because I know that God wove both personalities into this world, and we can learn from and with each other. I want some M & M’s for my team!

If you get chosen for the M & M team, this is what you’ll get:

  • A PDF and a paperback copy of Having a Martha Home the Mary Way: 31 Days to a Clean Home and a Satisfied Soul
  • The PDF of the new journal, “31 Days to a Satisfied Soul”, a companion to the book
  • a private FB group with me to share ideas and missions to get the word out about the book

What I ask my M & M’s in return is:

  • That you will read the book in a timely fashion
  • That you will write a review on Amazon, B & N, and Goodreads
  • That you will be dedicated to me and the team for one month, doing missions, sharing ideas, and being an encouragement to each other

If you are ready to join me for some fun in getting this book to the world, please head HERE and fill out the form. M & M’s will be chosen and emailed on Friday, February 5th.

Thank you so much!

With love, Sarah Mae


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  • Kimberly Carey

    Already checking my email to.see if I was picked!!!

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