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It’s Cheaper Than Therapy

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Today is my birthday.

And according to my six year old I’m maybe 60 or 66. She’s not entirely sure. Anyway, I love birthdays. I love presents and feeling loved and being celebrated. I just do. I’m a total kid at heart. And this love for wanting to be celebrated sometimes goes south and I begin to put expectations on my husband about what he should do and how OF COURSE HE SHOULD KNOW exactly want I want on my birthday. This makes him feel a little crazy and like I’m micro-managing my birthday. Whatever. This is all just marriage stuff. ALL TO SAY…

This year, HE PREPARED. He took the kids out to get me gifts and had them make me cards NOT ON the day of my birthday. That makes me feel special. Also, he ordered me a cake!


This alert popped up on my phone. HE WAS PICKING UP A THING for my birthday. So sneaky.

As I dug into the cake with childlike joy I said, “You didn’t have to buy this,” and he said, “It’s cheaper than therapy.”

YES. YES it is. Buying your wife a birthday cake and making her feel special is cheaper than therapy. SO MEN OF THE WORLD, take note: Buy your wife a cake. Make her feel special. IT’S CHEAPER THAN THERAPY.

You’re welcome.


Love and cake, Sarah Mae

P.S. In other news, Longing for Paris is on sale for only $2.99 (Kindle). WOO HOO! Go get it HERE!

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  • Christin

    LOL That’s hilarious. Good job Jesse. 😉

  • Kaylee Vida

    Happy birthday! It is my husband’s birthday too!!!

  • Sarah Sue

    This made me smile. Happy Birthday Sarah.
    Getting anything for my birthday or Christmas is unusual. From my husband , that is. I get a card because I ask for it.
    The cake looks wonderful. Hugs Sarah

  • Shannon Deterding

    Love this! My husband bought me a cake (at my request) AND a present (not at my request – I thought the cake was enough) and took me out on a date night a few nights later (when our sitter was available). And it was all cheaper than therapy! Yay for thoughtful husbands! (And to those who learn to be!)

  • Jenni

    Happy birthday! I can be guilty of micro-managing my birthday-ha! What a sweet surprise for you! So glad you feel special and loved today. You have changed my life in so many good ways-your writings are a huge inspiration to me and have helped me change in many ways to be a better woman and mom…and helped me get through a lot of tough days and enjoy the beautiful ones. God had spoken to me so many times through your writings-you shine His light so brightly. Thanking God for you today and praying blessings for a wonderful year ahead for you! Happy birthday!!

  • Shawna

    Totally can relate! I am having my hubby read this! Lol! This year (in May) I will be 40. I am not the kind that wants a big to-do with a bunch of people… But I do want it to be special!
    Sarah Mae, I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year full of Blessings and Joy!

  • Shelly Roy

    Happy, happy birthday sweet Sarah!!

  • becca

    Happy, happy Birthday!! I hope you have a blessed day!! I mean it sounds likes it’s going that way…cake from hubby- score!!

  • Kathy

    Happy Birthday Sarah! We share the same day! My HS girlfriends took me to Tomato Pie Café (in Harrisburg) in the morning and celebrated with friends in the evening with cake. Had an awesome day and so happy for you that your hubby thought ahead and involved the children. It really does speak love! And that’s an awesome looking cake!

  • Sheri

    Happy birthday!! I just got “Longing for Paris” in the mail today. I am SO excited to read it! The cover is so beautiful and inviting. I own Desperate and it’s one of my most favorite books. Enjoy your special day!

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