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Join me in keeping on and beginning again!

Domestically Challenged? Me Too. Let’s Have Some Fun Cleaning Together.

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Oh, you know, just AIR GUITAR MOPPING. As one does. Obviously.

That’s right, cleaning fun.

Because I have to clean one of two ways: Happy, fun, turn up the music, WOO HOO, “let’s dance!” cleaning, OR candles lit, jazz or acoustic music, slow and steady cleaning. The slow and steady cleaning I usually do if I can get everyone out of the house (daddy date!). Any other kind of cleaning is depressing for me. And for my kids because it usually involves me yelling at them something like, “HURRY UP, get it done, DADDY’S COMING HOME SOON!” Not my finest moments.

So back to fun. I think, if we’re going to clean, we might as well have some fun with it! And also, not go it alone. I want to be encouraged and inspired to not only make my home a welcoming, warm, happy, peaceful place, but I also want to link arms with other women so we can KEEP ON.

“But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.” Hebrews 3:13

“…let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds…” Hebrews 10:24

And because I believe so much in lifting one another up and being a “keep on” and “begin again” friend, I wrote a book to do just that for all of us out there who are trying to make a home. It’s for those of us who aren’t naturally inclined to cleaning, but who want to create a place where love is sown in and grace takes root. And also where you don’t trip over all your things (there’s a story in the book about this actually happening to my old land lady when she made an unexpected visit into my apartment in college and it’s a doozy!). Read all about the book HERE.

If this is you, then I am TICKLED to tell you that my new book, Having a Martha Home the Mary Way is NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER!!!!! Yes, the original form of this book was the 31 Days to Clean eBook. YES, it’s been updated and revised and I’m particularly happy with the WHOLE NEW Mary Challenges section!


Isn’t it so pretty?!

Let me break it down for you:

HMHMW (so much easier this way) is broken up into 31 short, daily chapters to help you practically and spiritually. And even though I wrote from the perspective of a non-natural cleaner (I WANT A MAID), I have been told by several Martha types that the book encouraged their hearts to be more like a Mary. Sidenote: The title of “Mary” and “Martha” is based off of the stories of the two sisters in the Bible, Martha being the one who “gets it done” and Mary who chooses to sit at the feet of Jesus. You can read their story in the book, and of course, in the Bible.

At the end of each days reading are two challenges:

The Mary Challenge: Scripture and questions to encourage your heart (these are all new)

The Martha Challenge: Cleaning tasks that help you get your home in order (WE WILL HAVE FUN! Because I include things like, “eat a cookie” at the end of your tasks. 🙂 ) TO NOTE FOR ALL THE SERIOUS CLEANERS OUT THERE: No, there is nothing new under the cleaning sun as far as the cleaning tasks go. My goal with the book is to relate, encourage, and inspire, and have some fun along the way with devotionals, stories, Scripture, questions and FRIENDSHIP. We will clean together. BUT I will say that I doubt any other cleaning book tells you to eat cookies, hire a maid if you can, AND let you off the hook if you miss a day! 😉 Let me say again, this is written by a non-cleaner, but a TOTAL people lover who wants to and believes it a worthy mission make a home. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Where were we…

Ah yes.

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way: 31 Days to a Clean Home and a Satisfied Soul is available now for pre-order (although apparently it’s already in bookstores), and comes out officially on March 15th! If you order today, you’ll probably have it by next week! FUN.

And because I like fun (can you tell?), I have GIFTS FOR YOU!

One of my favorite things about launching a book is giving you all gifts! It’s like a birthday. I mean, it is a birthday, a book birthday! HAPPY {almost} BIRTHDAY BOOK!

Free for you:

Purchase the book this week (or next) and get for FREE:

Satisfied Soul graphic with book

If you are longing to go deeper into the heart of the Mary Way, this journal companion is for you. Spend 31 days leaning in and resting in the One who satisfies our souls completely. Based on Mary of Bethany’s interactions with Jesus, 31 Days to a Satisfied Soul takes you deeper into the heart of God by offering four daily components: Receive, Reflect, Pray, and Remember. Receive what God has for you through Scripture, reflect on what might be hindering you to find soul satisfaction, pray God’s Word and will into your life, and remember a key thought to hold close.

  • The 31 Days to a Satisfied Soul Journal – PDF Version (The paperback is on sale now on Amazon!)
  • A printable pack with Martha challenges checklist, calendar, and quote graphic

You can purchase the book anywhere books are sold. See below for details on how to retrieve your free gifts.

Buy Now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold!

Want to buy more books to give out or so you can do a Mary Way Club study (details and guide coming soon)? The next gift offers are for you – read on!

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“I love, love, love this book! Sarah Mae is a fellow struggler. As a recovering messy I appreciate that. Rather than detailed spreadsheets and overwhelming to-do lists, Sarah offers practical advice and gentle challenges that offer hope to our cluttered homes as well as our cluttered hearts. I wish I would have had this book back in the middle of my struggle.”

Joanna Weaver, bestselling author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

And for something extra special, the wonderful folks at Givingtons will give all of you a FREE paperback copy of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World when you order your books through them! Plus, when you order through Givingtons, your purchase supports one of a list of causes you choose, such as The Exodus Road or Preemptive Love Coalition, organizations our family loves and supports.

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You are welcome to purchase the books from anywhere you please, but if you buy 5 or more from Givingtons you get the free book. If you don’t purchase from Givingtons, you will still get the other gifts, just not Joanna’s book.

Yes, I want to Purchase from Givingtons! WOOT!

I’ll stick with Amazon or Barnes & Noble please!

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Is this Mary and Martha tote not so cute?! You can read more about this tote HERE!


This is the generous gal who is offering the totes to you for free! Her name is Erica and she works with Mary & Martha. This is us at the MomHeart conference last weekend. She is dear! Thank you Erica!

Erica is also offering all of you 20% off on any Mary & Martha item! Head here to shop!


  • The books, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World AND The Lifegiving Home! Again, to get the free books, you HAVE to buy from Givingtons. (See note under purchase 5 books.)

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Scoot me on over to Givingtons to get the books!

Or buy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere books are sold!

Very Important if You Want to Receive Your Gifts!

In order to receive these free gifts, please email a copy of your receipt to using the subject MARTHA HOME MARY WAY. This promotion is running from 12:00am EST on 3/7/2016 to 11:59EST on 3/19/2016.  Your receipt must show the purchase of 1 or more copies of the book during this time period to receive your free gifts. Once your receipt has been reviewed, you will be sent an email confirmation and further details on the delivery of your gifts. Please allow a few days for a response and for the receipts to be processed!

Just so you all know, I’m basically going to be having a two week party to celebrate this book, so be prepared. 🙂

Love and cleaning fairies and happiness to you today! SM

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  • Lynda Cooksey

    My least favorite household chore is dusting!!

  • louwholindsay

    I have a question. You had said last week, “Oh, and do save your receipt? I have some VERY special gifts for those of you who order.” So I went ahead and ordered the book then. However, it looks like the promotion for the gifts only starts today. Does it also apply for people who ordered before?

    I can’t wait to get the book! I’m excited about it and think it will be very good for me. 🙂

    • Sarah Mae

      Totally counts!

      • louwholindsay

        Awesome! Thanks! 😀

  • Meg Bucher

    Sarah Mae! Way to go with your book! It’s sounds like something most every woman will cherish …including this gal! It’s on the list. Oh, and I join you from afar in air guitar cleaning…. That must be a sign of awesomeness. Smiles!
    Happy Monday!

  • vlweaver731

    My least favorite chore is sorting socks. With a family of 5 there’s A LOT of socks!!

  • Debbie

    Sounds like an excellent book and well yes, I am domestically challenged for sure. I commented on Karen’s post too that my least favorite chore is doing dishes! They never seem to end.

  • Rebekah Page

    Just preordered 10 copies 🙂 (and emailed my receipt!). Excited to host a group of ladies for 6 weeks starting April 4th!!

  • Tash

    My least favorite chore is laundry! Yikes!

  • Sheila

    I have the hardest time keeping dishes washed and put away- it’s like they multiply when I was them. And laundry too! Same thing :/

    • Sheila

      (Wash them) not was – sorry for the typo

  • Randee

    Just wondering — do your free-gift promotions apply to those of us who live in Canada? I’d love to jump in on this!

    • Sarah Mae

      The digital ones do, but not the physical items. I’m so sorry!

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