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For All the Type-B Homemakers Out There (No more making your bed with this giveaway)


To all the Type-B homemakers out there, I wrote a book for you. (Type-A-ers, hang with me, I’ve heard that some of you like the books as well for the Mary aspect).

First thing you should know friends is that this isn’t a cleaning book. I mean, it is, but that’s not the heart of it.

The heart is that all of you would know you are loved, regardless of your homemaking abilities (or lack thereof). It’s a book about freedom and love and keeping on, knowing we are being gently molded into maturity and Christlikeness by our gentle Father. Are there cleaning challenges? Yes. But they are nothing new! The goal with the cleaning challenges is that you would do them with a friend, or friends, and have fun with them. There are also Mary challenges, heart questions and scripture to help you draw closer to the One who made you who you are, and who loves you so incredibly.

If you struggle with keeping your home clean, this is the book for you. And I’ll be right there with you cleaning alongside you. Want to join in? Get the book here for under $10. We kick off a cleaning challenge on April 11th.


Now, I have something very special for you today.

The most Type-B thing you could ever have is a bed you don’t actually have to make. (Tweet that)

I mean, a bed that looks made but you didn’t have to make it, but it’s made? ALL THE FEELS FOR THAT.

Which brings me to my giveaway for today:

A $200 Beddy’s gift card!

What is Beddy’s? 

Beddy’s is an amazing shop created by moms who discovered how to make beautiful, comfortable bedding sets that zip up, but that look like regularly made beds! GENIUS.

Beddy’s motto? Zip your bed in 10 seconds or less. YES PLEASE. Now, before I go any further with this post, please take a minute and go to this post by Ann Voskamp: 6 Ways to Speed Clean to a Clean Enough House. It’s so so good, AND she shares her love for Beddy’s. Head HERE to check out all of the Beddy’s bedding sets.

Here are just some of the Beddy’s choices:

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 12.40.30 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 12.39.56 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 12.40.14 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 12.41.07 PM

Learn more about Beddy’s here:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Enter to Win the $200 Beddy’s Gift Card!

Just fill out the form below! WOOT! Open to the U.S. only. This giveaway ends on March 19th, 2016, at 11:59pm EDT.
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Good “luck!”

Your Type-B homemaking friend, Sarah Mae


When you buy the book and the journal, you get my Longing for Life eCourse for FREE! Just email your receipt to sarahmaewrites (at) gmail (dot) com.

Buy the book HERE. Get the journal HERE.

Print this!

  • Shannon E

    I just came across your book last night and it looked so good that I had to buy it! 🙂 I’m so excited to start reading it, and to participate in the challenge in April!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway — Beddy’s looks like a great idea! I love the modern gray set!


  • Leah Yoder

    I had no idea they had these beds for adults! This is brilliant!! I want the first one- gray ruffled.

  • lolaleen

    I love that Clean Slate set!

  • Roxanna Owen

    Oh, I love them all! How brilliant! My little girl would love the Always Enchanted, Retro, or Chic white ruffled set.

  • Robyn

    Nice!!! Bunk beds!!

  • Joy Greer

    We would love two chic white for the girlies!

  • Sarah Centeno

    The game on gray would be great for my boys!

  • Heather S.

    This is a fantastic give-away!!

  • Wendy Garner

    Retro Ruby for me! 🙂

  • Joy Fontanez

    So many cute ones to chose from. Can’t decide which one I like best.

  • Lynelle

    Modern Gray or clean slate for my son, Perfectly Mismatched for my daughter, chic white for me.

  • Katie

    I’ve seen these before and I totally want one!
    I love the Ideal Stripe!

  • Nadia M

    This looks awesome!

  • Tina Johnson

    Oh My-lanta this is cool!!

  • Sara

    Modern grey ruffles is my favorite!

  • Heather Lynn Head

    Game on is my jam!

  • Rebecca

    Love Beddy’s!!!! Especially the white!

  • Stephanie Stoll

    I would love some Beddy’s! Chic white would be lovely in my room. My boys’ bunk beds would look great with Nautical navy ones too!

  • Erin

    Hmmm – I’d pick modern gray ruffles or clean slate for us, oh so seaside for my daughter, & hot and coaled for my son. These are SO cool!! Thanks!

  • Lisa

    Oh la LA lavender would be my choice.

  • Carla Kouterick

    Modern grey ruffles looks wonderful!

  • Molly Bronson

    Oh LA lavender is gorgeous! That’s what I would pick!

  • Carissa Grossman

    I had never heard of this! I rarely make my bed. There is little point, because my toddlers will at some point during the day jump on it or play under the blankets. . .

  • Bethany Brown

    Either the Always Enchanting or the Perfectly Miss-Matched…I’d let my daughter pick! What an amazing invention!

  • Shana Carlson Stoll

    I’ve been eyeing Beddy’s since first discovering them months and months ago! With 6 kids, it would depend on which of the 7 beds I was outfitting . . . I don’t minds making my bed too much, so I’d probably bless one of my kiddos. Most logically one with bunk beds, since those things are a major pain in the butt to deal with. I love the navy stripes best, I think, for my bunk bed (well, loft bed, technically) sleeping son! Thanks for the chance to enter! Happy Tuesday!

  • April Pettefer

    I like the Lacey Lou for me, but I might get my oldest daughter the Chic White.

  • Calley

    If I won this, I would get it for my daughter’s top bunk. It is impossible to make that bed. And she would probably like the oh lavender set since her fave color is purple!

  • Katie Redfern

    I have bee eyeing these, too. I’d probably pick the Always Enchanting set for my youngest two, who will be sharing a double bed starting this summer. Or Game On, for my son who is on the top bunk. 🙂

  • Nicole

    I’ve never heard of these before! Thanks for introducing us – I love them! I think I’d pick the gray ruffles – so cute!

  • Lindsay

    I love modern grey ruffles Beddy’s set. It’s perfectly neutral and elegant looking. I would be excited to make my bed each day! 🙂

  • chrisgharmon

    LOVE the modern grey ruffles! Though I’d be tempted to get a set for my son’s room instead… 🙂

  • Darcey

    I have never had new bedding so anything would be great. Most of our bedding is pink and my husband hates it, so something green or other than pink would be great!!

  • Jennifer Renee Dixon

    I think I’d go with the Modern Gray for our master! But I’d go with Always Enchanting for our daughters bunk bed!

  • Michelle Shultz

    This was a great article! I love the Modern Gray!

  • Kimberly Renee Holderman

    i would LOVE this. for EVERY bed in the house! :-p

  • Allison Sayre Singleton

    I love Modern Gray, but my daughter wants Retro Ruby!

  • jewelsntreasures

    I love the Modern Gray!

  • April

    I would LOVE to win the clean slate bedding set! They are all so beautiful! I am so thankful to know I’m not the only one out there who is NOT an expert homemaker and needs a little help:)

  • Kristin Ownby

    It’s a toss up between something for myself or my daughter’s bunk beds. Those suckers are a PAIN to make up

  • Heidi Volker Johnson


  • Mikki Jo Polly Howard

    Love the Vintage Blush ll….and I’m loving your book!

  • Women Abiding

    The MODERN GRAY RUFFLES would go perfectly with our bedroom 🙂

  • sundrop

    I’ve got my eye on the Retro Ruby!

  • mjeaustin

    Modern gray ruffles or nautical navy….

  • Sara G.

    I have followed beddy beds on Instagram and love their stuff!

  • Sheri P

    I like the Modern gray Ruffles. I have checked their website before. Love their products

  • Rebecca Jones Unger

    I love the modern gray ruffles ! they have some amazing stuff. Would love to win this great giveaway!!

  • Stacey

    Ooh La Lavender is beautiful! I also love the modern gray ruffles, so I have to admit I’m torn. 🙂

  • Laura

    Goodness! HOW did I know know about Beddys?? I’ll totally remake a room just to get one. 😉

  • Misty Krasawski

    Ooooooohhh, I love the gray ruffles and all the mismatched shabby chic sets!!!

  • BeautifulCalling

    Well I’d pick one for my daughter’s loft bed, which we both HATE making. Her room is purple so I’d probably choose though the seaside one is awfully nice too. And I love the mismatched sets too.
    I’d heard about this company before and debated about one. They seem pricey, however if the quality is there….

  • Christian Gilman Peterson

    I would pick the Modern Gray Ruffles

  • Crystal E

    The perfectly mismatched is adorable!! Would look so cute in my daughters room!

  • Jennifer

    I want one for my 7 yo, so one of the girly ones, like the blue and pink floral or the bright colors with paisleys. So cute!

  • Sylvia Player

    Love modern grey ruffles and game on for my boys 🙂

  • Anne Perry

    I’d pick Modern Grey

  • Karyn Cummer

    What a fun idea. Love the clean slate pattern

  • Marcia

    Definitely love the grey colors. Hard to decide which is my favorite.

  • Megan

    My daughter would LOVE the Ooh la lavender!

  • Christy

    I read about these on Ann’s original post! Sounds FAB to this type-B homemaker!!!

  • Christy

    ….and I’m a sucker for ANYTHING gray. I love all the gray.

  • Larisa

    Perfectly mismatched is awesome!

  • Amy Haga

    I am not sure what they name of it is, but I really like the grey one! I currently have a large white comforter now, and the grey one looks just like it. They are beautiful, but I can’t help but thinking that zipping the bed up isn’ t all that much easier than just pulling the comforter up in the morning.

  • Hannah Marie

    Love this! Can’t wait to read the book and do the challenge!!

  • Thelma

    I’m all about Lacey Lou would LOVE it!!

  • Audra A

    You inspire me and my attitude and my horrible cleaning abilities. Ha! Would love to win!

  • Amy Netzel

    Beautiful and fun sets!

  • RaShea

    Your open honesty is a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

  • Emegren @MuchCreative

    Another why didn’t I think of that product! I love those Beddy’s. I like the ideal stripe for our room, and my boys would love the secret code set!

  • Heather N

    Thanks for sharing this. Never heard of it before. I would choose the Clean Slate or Modern Gray Ruffles if it were for me.

  • Cheryl B

    I we old choose modern gray ruffles.

  • Debbie Wenger

    Perfectly Miss Matched would be great for one of my girls. They have bunk beds and man are those difficult to make! 🙂

  • andrea d

    Those are awesome! I would get any of them!

  • ScottandMicah Daniel Douglas

    I would want the grey ruffles for our queen bunk beds -queen bunk beds are tough to make!

  • Calah

    Modern gray Ruffles is cute!

  • Melanie H. Clayton

    I like the Modern gray Ruffles also or the cobalt blue.

  • Jenn Wells

    I love the modern gray

  • Mary Kay

    Modern Gray Ruffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    Either of the gray ones would be perfect for our room! What a neat idea!

  • Lisa

    I love the Game On set!

  • Rhonda Faus

    Looks Interesting!

  • nswimchic77

    the grey and white patterned one in your post!

  • Felicia

    I love the “Always Enchanting” set for my daughter’s room!

  • Alyssa Donovan

    Yesterday I left a super snarky and rude comment, and I came back today to try and delete it and apologize, only to find it gone. Either I didn’t hit post or you didn’t let it stink up the comments here, and either way I’m grateful. Thank you for all the fun giveaways!! I’ve had my eye on these bed sets for a while, and I’m hoping to save up enough to get them by the end of the year. 2 sets of bunk beds are in our near future, and my 9 mo pregnant self making those crazy things was more hilarity than I care to repeat. So excited to get your book, it’s in the mail now!!

  • amypugmire

    I would pick the chic white.

  • Kelley Larsen

    I would choose modern grey for my son

  • Kristen Madson

    One daughter wants vintage blush and the other is obsessed with totally unexpected and I just love the ease of bed making and their adorable options!

  • Gina Ward

    Hi! Retro Ruby is just dreamy!!! 😉 I LOVE it!!!

  • Jenny

    I love the Retro Ruby!

  • Jenny

    Shared with my friend, Kristin, because I think she would love Beddy’s for her daughter!

  • Elizabeth Licitra

    La la lavender!

  • Mandy

    White! I’m in love!

  • Lyn

    I love the clean slate!

  • Janet Clark Bryan

    Just received the clean slate in the mail and I’m so excited! I definitely want one of these on every bed in the house!!

  • Jessica

    Oh I want one SOOO bad! Honestly I need to get your book! That is so me!

  • Megan

    Oh my goodness!! I want a Beddy’s Bed so bad!! Thanks for the opportunity! I would LOVE the Grey Ruffles!

  • Joellen

    I like the miss matched for my girls. I’m not sure which I’d choose for the boys or our bedroom. I love this concept.

  • carmenhershberger

    Such beautiful bedding!

  • Casey Snyder

    I would love the Perfectly Miss Matched for my daughers bunk bed!

  • Debra Golding

    The hidden camo would be perfect for my son.

  • Amy

    Must have for bunk beds

  • Angela Ellis

    I’d love the Ooh La Lavender. So pretty. And this is such a great idea. I wish there were more options available for little boys. I’ve got a unique little dude and none of the options are quite right.

  • Lauren DeVries

    I’ve seen these before! So what I need… The comforter that we got when we got married (9 years ago) is starting to fall apart! the grey colored one is lovely…

  • Heather W

    So many amazing choices! I would love to get the Hidden Camo for my son. Thank you so much for a chance!

  • Emily

    Interesting! I have never heard of a zip up bed. 🙂

    I like Clean Slate. It’s very sharp!

  • Megan

    I like the modern gray Ruffles

  • Jayna

    I have triplets in bunk beds and these would save me so much hassle! I’d do the modern gray ruffles for the girls and the game on gray for my boy.

  • mn2mom

    I’d love the modern gray!

  • Rachel Torcasso

    Pick me!!

  • Rachel Torcasso

    I love the one features in your post and would go great in my bedroom

  • Jennifer Wilson Millett

    I have been looking at the Ideal Stripe for my son for so long. He has a loft bed and it is quite difficult to make up. I would love to get him one to make things a little easier.

  • Sara R

    I think I favor the Clean Slate. I also liked another one but I can’t remember the name, ah chic white. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  • Michelle C

    Love the Perfectly Mis-Matched!

  • Stephanie Sangatanan

    I would pick the modern gray ruffles!!! My dream

  • kathrynexpectanthearts

    Those are lovely.. my daughter woudl LOVE perfectly mis-matched!

  • Lynne B

    As much as I’d love it for myself, it is the children who _need_ them. Always Enchanted for the girls and Ideal stripe for the boys.

  • Kristal Woods

    I love the Clean Slate and Coastal Cobalt sets for my bed. And Pefectly Mismatched for my daughter; Nautical Navy for my son.

  • Rust

    I like the Touch of Taupe and the Nautical Navy sets.

  • Tracy

    Love the concept, wish the variety was better. The camo would be great in my boys’ rooms. The turquoise of the seaside one is so bright and lovely, but wouldn’t go with anything in my house. =)

  • Heidi Smith

    I would choose modern gray.

  • Kandra

    I like the Ideal Stripe- it is bright and cheerful. I see they make king size, but I wonder if they make California King…

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