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For those who are carrying a burden of heavy doubt

Not too long ago God covered the moon with an eclipse, and the first person I thought of during that spectacular event was my friend Logan.

For it was by a covering of the moon that Logan that a veil fell from her eyes and she began to see God, to see His character and His brilliance and His majesty, and that He was indeed a miraculous God who could do anything.


And not just see Him, but believe Him, believe He was the God of possibility and hope and miracles and delight.

It was that covering of the moon that weaved in Logan a profound journey of curiosity…of a willingness to watch God and see Him and trust Him in all of life’s heartache and adventure and unanswered questions. But mostly she learned to curiously pursue the unfolding of hope.

And we are all in desperate need of hope, aren’t we?

Everywhere we turn there is heartache and anger and bitterness, and the fact that we live in a 24-hour social media culture means there is always more critique and pain and wickedness to view. We are bombarded with the weight of the world and the brokenness of it all. Voices and questions and accusations are constantly directed at the church and at God, even from those who claim His name. Because we are all just so broken, and when hope dims our souls dim and we begin to see through a muddied lens, a loss of clarity.

We begin to lose our curiosity and replace it with a burden of heavy doubt.

“Did God really say?” whispers the enemy in our ear, and we lean into the doubt because it feels so real, and maybe God isn’t so good or kind after all. I mean, how could a good God do this or that or let that happen?

I’ve felt those things and I’ve heard those slithering whispers—haven’t we all, if we’re honest with ourselves?

Logan, through raw vulnerability, takes the dark and the whispers and the secret hurts of our hearts and she shows us through her own vulnerable stories how to get curious when pain arises and things aren’t right. She then holds out her hand of experience and study and faithful prayer, and she offers us the greatest gift to an aching soul: hope.

If you are questioning or in a wounded place, or are just feeling the dullness of a life that wasn’t what you expected, Logan’s words will bring you relief and dare I say, revival to your soul. After reading Curious Faith you will find yourself wanting to know God more; you will want to have Him tenderly explore the parts of your soul that need healing, and ultimately, you will find freedom in places that have previously been locked up.

As Logan so beautifully says, “God’s goodness is a vast river of promise, but if we want to experience it, at some point we have to decide to believe it for  ourselves and jump in.”

Time to jump.

The above is an excerpt from the foreword I wrote for Logan’s new book, Curious Faith: Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibility. 
Curious-Faith-3D-cover-2Through these precious years of friendship with Logan, I have been able to witness a deep, curious, abiding faith in the woman who has written the words in this life-giving book.

I have witnessed Logan go through deep heartache and yet held on fiercely to her God, always believing in the hope was to come.

I have watched her take on adventure in faraway places, not for herself, but in order to bring the Kingdom of God to bear through her faithful service.

And I have been inspired by her generosity, one that gives without any trace of expecting something in return.

Logan is one of the most authentic, generous, faithful, open-the-door-wide-to-possibility souls I know. She is a gift, and her hard-fought wisdom words are a gift to us all.

“When we see enough hard things in this world, maybe some piece of us decides that maybe God just can’t handle things. So, we lose our curiosity in Him. We lose our hope. Eventually, we don’t really believe that “all things are possible” like the Bible says. A curious faith in a limitless God we might have had as children is replaced with an explainable faith bound by limited possibility as adults…

If God really is powerful, if He really is good, then why can’t I see it? Maybe we miss what could be right in front of us.

When I watched God cover the moon that February night from my kitchen, something within me shifted. Looking out my back door, He put His power on display for me to witness. An orange reminder suspended above that whispered of hope and change. It wasn’t just an eclipse of the heavens, but of my heart. As God did it, He uncovered my own curiosity for more of Him.

In that moment, I realized that there was a whole lot of God that I didn’t know. There was a power and a gentleness that I was missing. I perceived tiny pieces of Him that I’d never seen before but wanted to experience. Since then, everything about my faith has been different.”

You can pick up Logan’s beautiful new book, Curious Faith, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold.

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