He Lifts Out of Pits and Puts Us on the Rock

by SarahMae | August 3, 2016 4:40 pm

She broke me, but He found me, and so when she was broken, I could love her.

That’s the story.

That’s the story of what God does; redemption.

He lifts out of pits and He sets feet on the Rock that is steady always.

When I was broken, he held me.

When I tried to run, tried to bleed out, He didn’t leave. He knew. He knew I’d come back into the only arms that can really hold, really love, really stay true.

He loved me in the pit and He loves me now.

I don’t walk alone anymore.

The truth is, I never did.

But I didn’t know it. I do now.

He is the wooer, the holder, the healer, the redeemer.

He lifts out of pits.

He places on a Rock.

He puts a new song in our mouths.

We praise Him.


He brought us through the fire and we know now we can trust Him.

The fire left its mark.

We are now light, and the world sees, and the world feels the warmth and the world draws close.

Because He’s attractive. He is incense to them. It burns through us.

And they cry out for Him.

And He lifts out of pits and places on the Rock.

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