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How to Mother Yourself When You’re Feeling Down

Today I have felt…crappy.

I’m sorry, but that’s just what it is. I’m prone to this, I know, so at least I know how to deal with the rhythms of it. Oh, hi again downward-spiraling-for-no-reason-day, I know you. You don’t get to control me, but yea, you do know how to bring me down. And yes, I’m a little down.

My tendency when I’m down is to want to stay away from people. I feel anxious and everything gives me anxiety. Kids around? Anxiety. Messy house? Anxiety. Feeling like I’m stuck in a box and can’t get out? Anxiety.

I tell the kids they have to come in for an hour from playing so I can lie down and maybe get a nap. And oh yea, clean your rooms because I can’t deal.

I’m up again and I’m thinking I’d really like to not be unkind to myself right now. It’s easy to beat myself up on days like this. But today I think I’ll mother myself.

What would a mother do today? How does a mother treat her hurting for no reason daughter? Since I don’t actually know, I’ll guess…this is what I do for my daughters anyway.

Take Care of Yourself

Go and get yourself something healthy to eat or drink, you’ll feel better. How about a smoothie? Put something good into your body because you know later you’re going to eat cake.

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Also, take a walk. Get some fresh air and wind on your face and be connected to nothing but your body and the air. Listening to God on your walks is good too. He is with you right now and He knows of your dark days. He sits or walks with you through them.

Make Some Tea

You know what you need right now? Some tea. Chamomile sounds about right. I don’t know what it is about tea, but there is something wonderfully healing in it. It would help if you could have a hug with your tea, so hug your kids and let them love on you. Kids are awesome lovers.

Eat Some Cake

I’m noticing a pattern here: food. Or some form of food, as in drink. Drinking and eating seem to have healing properties. That’s okay, God made food and drink and He is the bread of life, so cake and tea and a smoothie and Him, sounds about right. Feast with Him.

And yes, eat the cake. It’s your mom’s birthday and you just need to do it. Feel free to have some wine with it.

Rest. You are Loved and Don’t Have to Be Anything

My sweet one, just rest. You don’t have to be anything or do anything right now. Know you are loved and not alone. Maybe read some fiction to get your mind free. A good book is comfort. Be gentle with yourself.

“May your unfailing love be my comfort…” Psalm 119:76

If you’re having one of those days, eat the cake, have some tea, take the walk, rest. You’re going to be okay.

Love, SM

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  • Julue

    I need this today, as I sit here with a hurt knee or something because of a dummy move I made during my exercise video! Yes, yesterday was full of those dummy moments, like falling off the riding mower! Whaaa??? Yep, that’s me to a tew! Thankful for God’s mercies being new every day, amen?? I am trying to move around some today, trying to decide if I really hv hurt something or not. Maybe I should just sit and watch TV with my kids and hv a smoothie! We all need rest days, right?? TY for this honest post! Love your vulnerability.

  • Tylette

    Sarah Mae,
    Thank you for keeping it real! 🙂
    There are days-usually pms-ing when I just feel anxious about everything. I wonder if I’m teaching my children enough about the Lord. I’m discontent with the fact that our house is small or isn’t new. Mind you the same house that I was contented with the previous week. I get easily overwhelmed with my day to day task.
    Thank you for writing this post. And though I don’t feel that way today I will tuck this post away so that I can read it again on that day when I’m feeling “crappy.”

  • Bonnie

    It is truly amazing that I found this in my inbox at this moment. You just completely nailed it. It has been one of my, for-no-good-reason downward spiral days too!! I haven’t had one in a while but it crept up today and I felt that same, ‘I know you, but you cant control me anymore’, and I repeatedly gave it to God today and through the tears, reminded myself that all is well….and that there is plenty of dark chocolate truffle ice cream in my freezer 😉 and I allowed myself to shut the door to my bedroom and partake of it while letting my oldest take care of the younger ones for a little bit. I did also make a delicious smoothie later full of fruits and veggies because I knew I needed it. It is good to be gentle with ourselves on these days. Which is something a little new for me. Such a good thing to remember. Praying with you today sister, and all the other sisters out there who are having one of these days. Lord!! We cling to You our heavenly Father today, although our fathers and mothers may have forsaken us, Lord You take us up. <3 Like the psalmist said, o my soul, why are you downcast?? Hope in God!! Love and hugs Sarah. Thank you for putting this out here for me and others, who might need it today, to find.

  • MCHope

    Seriously… hi again downward-spiraling-for-no-reason-day!! That is totally me too. Accept, it usually is more then 24 hours. And as a matter of fact… because of it I booked a facial for Saturday. I NEVER do that but for the week to come, I am planning to have some good me time. And being here just helped, to know I am not alone! Not many talk about this openly…

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