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Join Me for an Up-Close and Personal Writing Intensive and Retreat UPDATE

UPDATE! I put tickets on sale for this event and it is now SOLD OUT!

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So I’ve been dreaming again…

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Of a writing retreat and intensive for women that offers a beautiful space, encouragement, practical help, and one-on-on coaching from myself and a woman who specializes in writing, organizing, and editing.

I love the idea of spending intimate, up-close time with women who have a dream of writing a book and want to find space and grace with other writers while learning and being encouraged in the soul work that is writing.

I want to spend time with and encourage those who need to get away and find the freedom to write and be with other creatives as they nurture the unknown thing that is burning in them, that compels them to write but aren’t sure for what purpose yet.

And I want to be with those who have begun a book but need help fleshing it out and finding the time to breathe life into it.

I want to create an exhale for you writers out there who feel stuck or lost or blocked or discouraged. I want to be able to look into your eyes and hear your voice and listen to your story and offer whatever I can to encourage you and help you in your writing journey. I want to offer you tangible, practical help with your writing as well the inspiration to keep on in it, which is why I will also have an expert with me that compliments me. I am a visionary and have experience in writing and publishing. But I’m weak when it comes to organizing and details. My co-host shines when it comes to details and figuring out, “How do I organize my book? What do I need to do for editing? PRACTICAL ADVICE PLEASE!” She will meet those needs, while I will help you with vision and ideas and the heart of your story.

And the best part? We will be spending Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning together, up close and personal. We will write, we will learn, we will laugh, we will have good food and wine, and we will have time and space to think and breathe and let the words ease out of us.

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But here’s the thing: I need to know if there is enough interest in this intensive to pursue, because the lovely place I will be renting is quite expensive, hence, this retreat, while offering incredible value, will be expensive.

The Deets:

When: The intensive/retreat would be held Friday, (3pm) February 10th – Sunday (9:30am), February 12th.

Where: In a beautiful 4,000 square foot home on 30 acres in a small little town in PA. (Free shuttle to and from the Harrisburg airport which is about 45 minutes from the location.)

Who: I will host and lead the retreat along with a Denise Hughes.

How Many: There is only space for 15 women (I have 9 single beds and 3 queens you could share with a friend – sharing would offer a slight discount)

Cost: It will be around $799, which would include your stay, all food for the weekend, up-close and personal time with myself and a writing/editing/organizing expert, one-on-one coaching with us, teaching sessions, space to write, a writing packet, and gift. Full payment would be due when you purchase the ticket.

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Again, there are only 15 spots for this intensive retreat. If you are interested in the retreat, please sign up below. I will send out more info (exact date and price) soon. The spots will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Thanks! Here’s hoping for a cozy winter writing retreat together!

Love, SM

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  • Jennjfer

    I would be really interested in doing this but there isn’t any way I could afford to do this by February. If you do it again, I’d be interested though!

  • Charise

    I am so very interested in this as well. I haven’t started writing my book yet. I have notes and a strong desire and mission but it has not quite been my season for beginning the book yet. I look forward to this in the future as well!

  • Megan L.

    I so desperately want to get in on this! I’m writing a fiction novel and life keeps getting in the way. Unfortunately, I can’t really plan anything until I have the dates. I’m in the Air National Guard and I have mandatory training the first weekend of every month. If it’s not during that time, I would be so happy to join in on this retreat!

    • Sarah Mae

      It will probably be February 10th-12th 🙂

  • Jayna

    Miss Sarah Mae,

    I have emailed but am also reaching out in faith…we simply could not financially secure my spot two weeks ago. So I am simply trusting that, if it is in His perfect will that this opportunity present itself a second time, I would love to be considered as a “waiting list person” should that be an option. I’m hoping He will reopen that door. I’m ready to pour thoughts out onto paper and hope the chance somehow presents itself, again. Thanks so much.

    Your cartwheel-turning, home school mom friend, Jayna 😉

    • Jane

      A space has come up Jayna! Sarah just shared on her facebook…

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