Shhhhhhh…ut up

by SarahMae | August 10, 2016 8:00 am

My friend Amy is an angel.

Really, I’m convinced of it. She is also one of my kindred friends. She lifts me up when I’m down, she brings me flowers and comfort foods, she brought me lavender for my moms burial, and she is always sending me voxes or texts to encourage me. I’m telling you, God sent her to me to teach me how to be slow and steady, accept gentleness, receive¬†grace, and keep on. She is absolutely dear to me.

And she teaches me things too, like not to should on myself. You know, I should…I should…I should…

Don’t should on yourself” she says.

When I speak lies about myself she rubs my arm and says, “Shhhhhhhh-ut up” in that perfect Mississippi accent. She told me her mama used to do that to her.

So today I’m passing on two pieces of advice to you, from my angel friend:

1.) Don’t Should on Yourself

2.) Shhhhhhhh…ut up (When the lies try to speak)

Keep on!

Love, SM


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