Do You Need a Night Away? (A Night to Breathe)

by SarahMae | December 28, 2016 12:18 pm



A Night to Breathe | 3/18/17 | 7pm | Hilton Harrisburg

I’d like a night away.

In a hotel room. With clean sheets and a hot bath and ALONE TIME. To myself. All by myself.

That’s how I’m feeling right now.

I’m filled to the brim with love for my children, they truly are a delight to me. But I know that even this happy mama needs time away. And I just haven’t gotten it lately because my sweet husband has been working around the clock on his business (self-employed life, you know?).

So, I’d like a night away. How about you?

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Join Us!

Amy and I are once again hosting a night for moms to have a collective EXHALE! We call it, A Night to Breathe.


Treats, coffee, encouragement, and most importantly, A NIGHT TO YOURSELF IN A HOTEL ROOM. Really, that right there is the major plus.

Here are the deets:

What: A night to breathe, relax, enjoy, eat, drink, and be filled up so you can go home refreshed

Who the Event is For: This event was designed with the mom in mind who is tired, could use a rest, and wants to be spurred on to keep on. While an older mom with teens might benefit, it is really for those moms with younger children (say, under 11).

When: Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Where: Harrisburg, PA

Time: 7-10pm (But we HIGHLY recommend you spend the night so you have all morning to breathe, process, pray, and plan for your soul and your family.)

Tickets: There are 100 spots and tickets are $60 which includes access to the talks, snacks, dessert, coffee/tea, and a gift.

Hotel Room Rate: If you choose to spend the night, the hotel room rate is $110. There are only so many set aside at this price, so you’ll want to get on it as soon as the hotel site is set up for the group rate (soon)!

Soooo… get your friends together or come and meet some new ones!

Get Your Tickets HERE[7]!

See you in March!

Love, Sarah Mae

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