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When you wish you had more money UPDATED


UPDATE: You all have given $400 $434 $550 nearly $800! Because of YOU, we have purchased hats, gloves, hand-warmers, socks, underwear, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and wet wipes! We will add feminine products, water bottles and McDonald’s gift cards as well. THANK YOU! On Christmas morning we will take about hot plates of potato casserole, ham, rolls, coffee, juice, and cookies with the gifts. We are so grateful. 

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Do you ever look at the issues in the world, or just in your community and think, “I wish I had money to do something about that?” Yea, me too.

In fact, I just had a conversation with God about that, you know, wanting more money to help more people. Specifically, I want to give gifts to the homeless in our community, some gloves, hats, maybe a sleeping bag or two, feminine products, and such. There are a few homeless folks who, for whatever reasons, don’t go to the shelter but instead choose to stay on the streets. These are the people we want to love practically, with food, warm coffee, and some necessities.

Well wouldn’t you know that God answered me back…in my spirit that is. And I realized, I may not have the money, but some of you do, and some of you want to give but aren’t sure where or how. So, I’m asking. If you are in or around or have a heart for Lancaster County, PA, and the city, and you’d like to contribute toward some practical gifts that my family will deliver personally on Christmas morning, Paypal a few dollars to sarahmaewrites@gmail.com. Please specify the money by putting LANCASTER DONATION. I’m going to go gather the gifts on Friday, so please make sure to donate by Thursday!

If you donate $10 or more dollars, throw an extra $5 in there for shipping and I’ll send you a signed copy of Desperate or Longing for Paris! Make sure to tell me which book you want and include your address!

100% of your donation will go towards practical gifts for the homeless in Lancaster City, PA.

Thank you all so much for considering!

Love to you, Sarah Mae


Queen Street in Lancaster city, PA where we deliver food to the homeless

(Photo credit: CityofLancaster.com)

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