My New Favorite Writing Resource (Plus, Have a Writing Date with Me!)

by SarahMae | January 23, 2017 10:50 pm

Before I tell you about my new favorite resource I need to tell you that you really MUST come join me on Instagram because I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN WITH INSTAGRAM STORIES. I’ve been talking in a Scottish accent and everything. Yes, it’s silly, but it’s a relief. You can’t see the stories on your computer, only on your smart phone, so if you have one of those, go to[1] and join me in the fun!


Okay, what I want to tell you…


Love, love, love, love, love.

I haven’t loved a writing resource since Author Launch, which has sadly gone away for now (BRING IT BACK TIM GRAHL), but Hope Writers is AMAZING. Can you tell I love it? I can’t praise it enough.

Okay, details would be helpful, yes? Yes.

Hope Writers[4] is a site and community for writers who want to grow in the craft, learn about publishing, be encouraged, and hob knob with others writes. Well, not really Hob Knob because apparently that means drink together (I just looked it up). But you know…anyway… It was created by Emily Freeman, Myquillin Smith (The Nester), Brian Dixon (marketing dude), and Gary Moreland (Emily and Myquillin’s dad who is super encouraging) and they are KILLING IT with excellent content and a thriving community.

I’m telling you all this for a few reasons: 1.) Emily just wrote the most EPIC post on the publishing process that I have every seen. She shares her whole journey, from idea to writing to getting an agent to publishing to editing to marketing to ALL OF IT. It’s 5,000 words. She shares her book proposal and everything. It’s GOLD.


2.) Most Facebook communities I’ve been in or seen are lack luster and eventually die. NOT THE HOPE WRITES COMMUNITY. It is thriving. Emily and the team lead the way and facilitate conversation and answer questions and it is SO HELPFUL. They have live videos, interviews with agents, publishers and authors, practical teaching, and a constant stream of resources, like the Hope Writes Summit which I had the honor of being a part of.

Hope Writers Online Summit[6] – 12 Interviews with Authors and Editors


The boundaries of book writing with Sarah Mae

Summary: The dream is to write and write well. To touch lives. To share a message. The dream is not to burn out. Sarah Mae found herself in that place where fear, people-pleasing, and sheer exhaustion dominate the heart instead of the joy of writing. Sound familiar?

In this interview, Sarah Mae offers her insight on the boundaries of book writing. Through choosing to take a writing sabbatical, she was able to breathe for the first time in a long time and discovered what truly brings her life. She found freedom from commitments, not by abandoning them, but by recognizing neither her publisher nor her book “own her.” Knowing your capacity as you continue to write will protect your soul and preserve your sanity.

Become a Hope Writer [8]and CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW!

3.) I’m telling you about this useful, encouraging, and nurturing site and community because if you want to write or currently write, you will be inspired and given practicals tools to help you in your writing. I am hosting a writing retreat in a couple of weeks and I know many of you wanted to be a part of it but couldn’t. YOU CAN DO THIS. Hope Writers is inexpensive (I think it’s $18 a month or $179 a year – WELL WORTH IT), and actually helpful.

I’ve seen tons of courses and communities, and rarely have I seen something as well done as Hope Writers. All to say, it has my highest endorsement and I stand 100% behind my endorsement. If you are a writer or want to be, it is my number one resource I recommend.

With that said, head HERE[9] to check it out. You’re welcome. And make sure to say “Hi” to me in the FB community!

One last thing…

Want to pick my brain on writing?

Want to bounce ideas with me? Leave a comment and I’ll randomly pick someone to have a writing date with me on the phone! FUN TIMES. 

Love, Sarah Mae, Hope Writer

P.S. Emily is hosting a FREE webinar THIS THURSDAY on finding your ideal reader – check it out HERE[10]!

My affiliate link is used in this post. If they didn’t have an affiliate program, I would still be sharing this with you because I LOVE IT. Just sayin’. You can read my disclosure policy here[11].

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