What a type-b homeschool day looks like

by SarahMae | January 2, 2017 3:36 pm

You asked, I’m answering: What does your homeschool day look like?

Well, I’ll tell you, but first know that my day and your day can be wildly different and they can both be right for our families. There is no formula, just grace, a lot of Jesus, and faithfulness. Okay, here we go…

I kid you not, this is it:

Wake up at some point Lord willing before 8:30am.

Eat breakfast based on what mom is in the mood to do or not do, so either cereal or ALL THE THINGS. I love breakfast.

Sidenote: I usually give the kids some free time in the morning so I can drink my coffee and read my Bible.

Sidenote 2: Chores (we call them jobs) are sprinkled into the day.


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On our good days, I read the Bible out loud, some of the modern version of Pilgrim’s Progress[3], go over spiritual truths and a scripture we are learning. All of this while I’m in my comfy chair drinking coffee and they are on the floor drinking tea or eating breakfast.

My oldest (11) gets to it – she has Bible time (right now our church is going through something called Eat This Book where kids read through parts of the NT as a challenge), math (Math-U-See), English (Rod & Staff), history (Story of the World), handwriting (cursive), reading, spelling (Institute for Excellence in Writing – audio course), and then whatever else I feel like giving her (politics during the election, etc.). She’s also taking a creative writing class this winter. (Near Lancaster, PA? Join the writing class HERE[4]).

My middlest, my boy (9) has reading, spelling (words from his reading books which are Ginn readers which are WONDERFUL if your child has reading difficulty), math, handwriting, and history (he listens to Story of the World). And whatever else I decide to do based on what’s going on in the world.

My youngest (7) has reading, spelling (we use worksheets from k12reader.com for now – they are free), math, and handwriting. And whatever else I decide to do based on what’s going on in the world. For example, all my kids have learned all the presidents of the U.S. I buy the Classical Conversations CD’s and just use them for when I want to teach them something through song. 🙂 We are not in CC and have no plans to be (NOT my personality at all).

We just sit around the living room or dining room and work on these subjects until we are done. My oldest usually works on her own unless she needs help, my youngest loves to cuddle in my lap while she works. My son just wants to get it done as soon as possible so he can rip stick or shoot me with his nerf gun.

We are usually done by 12pm, with the exception of my oldest who has the most work and sometimes goes past 12. After 12, all is up for grabs. Sometimes we do errands, sometimes they pursue creative endeavors (my oldest is really into movie making right now so she is all over that), and sometimes we watch a show or have a read-aloud (we usually do tea time and read-alouds around 2pm on a good day). School kids get home around 3 and then my kiddos play with them (SOCIALIZATION FOR THE WIN, AMIRIGHT?!).


If you want to peek into our day, follow me on Instagram[5] where I use Stories (the short videos on mobile).

What do your days look like?


P.S. On Mondays my kids go to an academy for the performing arts. They love it and I get 4 hours to myself. Winning.

P.P.S. My oldest is joining a creative writing class this Feb and there are SPOTS OPEN. It is taught by the fantastic Shawn Smucker (children’s book author and ghost writer) and you can register HERE[4] (there only a few spots, so if you’re in Lancaster, PA, GET ON IT).

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