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The Art of Gentle Homemaking (Video Series and Maid Service Giveaway)

How many of you would like to have a maid?

How many of you feel like if you just had a fresh start, you would be encouraged to keep going?

How many of you are feeling discouraged and overwhelmed WITH ALL THE THINGS? And how do you get your kids to clean up after themselves anyway?

How many of you ever wonder if you got the wrong personality when it comes to being a “keeper of the home”?

Let’s talk.

For years I thought that being a “good” homemaker meant that I had to act (and let’s be honest, look) a certain way.

I thought I had to fit a mold, one that included aprons and chore systems and cleaning routines. I mean, good moms, good homemakers, they have this homemaking thing figured out, right? Why is it taking me so long, and will I ever get “it” together? What is the secret?

As I wondered and tried and worked at being a “good” homemaker, it seemed like I just kept failing. I’ll just try harder, I thought.

But it turns out trying harder doesn’t actually work as a sustainable way of living. Because every time I tried harder and failed, the crash bruised me up a little more, and eventually, I didn’t want to get back up; I didn’t want to try anymore.

The discouragement was too much.

But I didn’t want to give up, because my heart wouldn’t let me. The same heart that accused me of failing was also telling me to keep going. So I had to learn what it meant to keep caring and trying without the condemnation. I had to learn how to embrace my weaknesses, carry on in my strengths, and rely on God for all of it.

If you’re feeling discouraged or like you keep botching up this homemaking thing, if you feel like you got the wrong personality to keep a home, I’ve got something that will encourage you:

The Art of Gentle Homemaking: Trading in “Good” for Gentle.

This is a new video series I created to encourage those of you who are ready to give up, or have at least begun to settle for some mediocre version of yourself in fear of failing, again.

In the series we’re going to talk about:

  • Homemaking guilt and “What does it mean to be a “good” homemaker, anyway?”
  • The idea that only certain personalities can do this homemaking well
  • The “How-To’s” of trading in “good” for gentle (learning how to be gentle with ourselves and others)
  • Having a deeper relationship with Christ through our {perceived} failures
  • Homemaking and depression and how to get through the hard days without everything falling apart
  • Expectations (for this one my husband makes an appearance)

To get access to The Art of Gentle Homemaking, go HERE.

Giveaway: FREE Maid Service!

Who could use some help around the house? Yea, me too.

If you would like to enter to win a $100 gift card towards a maid service to give you a fresh start, just fill out the form below (and please share this post if you know someone who could use it!). This giveaway is open to everyone. You will received your maid service gift card at the end of May.
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Love, Sarah Mae

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  • arielle elise

    Yay! I tweeted, pinned, and emailed the post for entries 🙂 Going to buy the bundle now!

  • Jennifer D.

    I shared this on my FB page

  • Jennifer D.

    It’s just the balancing it all. Now that I’m working full time outside the home and the kids have homework, etc, I struggle with time and energy for homemaking.

  • AmyMomof4

    I shared on Facebook, pinned, tweeted, and I’ll email and possibly buy another time.
    The biggest challenge I have is being able to handle all the responsibilities well. I know, so vague. I guess if I could figure out a system to help the house stay under control clutter-wise, I would be set.

  • Sue Peterson

    I pinned! 🙂

  • Sue Peterson

    My biggest challenge is being consistent. I have some great weeks, but then I have really horrible weeks where everything seems to fall apart.

  • Jan biggest challenge? Maybe the self motivation?! It’s way easier to do pretty much anything than clean or cook. Time management isn’t my strong suit either.

  • Tami

    Would love to have some help with housecleaning. My biggest challenge is balancing housework with homeschooling (5 kids) while my husband works two jobs.

  • Rust

    I shared on FB.

  • Rust
  • Jackie Berg

    Pinned, Shared, and emailed. Boy, could I use a maid for a day. Here’s hoping!

  • Anonymous

    Lately my biggest challenge is keeping the kids in line and the state of my house. Once you get behind, it’s so discouraging.

  • Erin

    Biggest challenge is clutter & also things just building up – I’m totally with “Anonymous” below who said once you get behind it’s so discouraging – seriously.

  • Amanda Rodrigues

    My biggest challenge is not getting bummed when my husband doesn’t notice how much I actually did do around the house. He is a wonderful man and a great cleaner himself… I just want him to be proud of me.

  • Sarah Coleman

    My biggest struggle is meal planning and cleaning….

    • Sarah Coleman

      Plus I pinned, tweeted, emailed and facebooked!!! 🙂

  • Amanda Chambers

    I shred on FB, twitter, email, and pinned the image. 🙂 I think my biggest struggle is just not wanting to do housework. I guess it would be called motivation. Oh, and energy to do all the things when I do get a little motivation.

  • Vanessa

    I emailed a good friend because this is amazing! Help cleaning is such a blessing. My biggest challenge with keeping the house is probably paper clutter and then what I think of as random and temporary piles (I need to give this to someone or bring this to goodwill or ….) and then they turn into random and permanent sad piles.

  • Rust
  • Rust
  • Sarah Scripture

    I tweeted, pinned, shared on Facebook, and bought the bundle! I’m so excited to read your new book and to filter through these resources to find what works for us, especially with the crazy summer schedule coming upon us. My biggest homemaking struggle right now is laundry and using my time wisely. Getting all 3 of my small kids out of the house is so exhausting, it’s difficult to get everything done that I need to when I’m having to haul them everywhere with me.

  • Carisa Zglobicki

    Shared on FB!

  • Carisa Zglobicki

    Pinned the post!

  • Carisa Zglobicki

    Emailed my friends to let them know about this awesome giveaway.

  • Carisa Zglobicki

    Honestly, this would be such a blessing to win! Between renovating, moving, homeschooling and some other unexpected happenings right now, my home is a disaster and I feel so overwhelmed I don’t even know how to begin anymore.

  • Anna Pry
  • Anna Pry

    my biggest struggle in homemaking is the endless cycle, the next day it seems like what i did the day before was pointless

  • Mary Troyer

    shared it on facebook! love your posts and IG stories!! <3 my biggest struggle is motivation to keep a clean house.

  • Mary Beth

    Know several young wives/moms that would like this.

  • Mary Beth

    I commented, shared on FB and emailed. Gettin’ the word out!

  • D’Ann Haffner

    There is so much in this bundle that makes me excited!!!

  • Rust
  • Rust
  • cezovski

    4/30 (EST) SHARE ON FACEBOOK (4/29 (PST)
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • cezovski

    I pinned on 4/30 (EST) SHARE ON FACEBOOK (4/29 (PST)
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • cezovski

    I pinned 4/30
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • cezovski

    I tweeted 4/30
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • cezovski

    My biggest struggle is keeping the kitchen floor clean!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Katherine Lief

    Buying the bundle and shared it with a couple of friends… so excited about this bundle!

  • Emegren

    I shared on FB! And consistency is also my biggest struggle. I’ll go through weeks where I want to get everything OCD level clean and then not want to do it again for a year. LOL

  • Shaundra

    Biggest challenge is honestly mental for me. Just making myself do what I don’t what to do.

  • Tessa

    Shared on facebook!

  • Tessa

    Pinned image to Pinterest!

  • Tessa

    My greatest homemaking struggle really varies with different seasons of my life. If I had to pick just one – it would ultimately be organization. We have moved around a lot ever since we started our family. Some homes we didn’t even bother unpacking since we didn’t know how long we would stay. Now that we have recently bought a home to plant down, it’s been difficult to change my mindset and feel permission to grow roots in this home. I’m feeling overwhelmed and have a great need to make my home here.

  • Jackie Berg

    Shared to FB and Pinned! My biggest challenge is putting it away, right away. And floors, oh how I struggle to keep the floors mopped and clean! 3 children, 2 dogs and a shop attached to the house, make it difficult!

  • Brittany Brink

    Shared to Facebook! I feel like this will help me be able to “breathe” again. As a new Mom, I’m realizing how bad I am at time management

  • Lauren

    YAY! I love this! I am really looking forward to this series!!!
    I shared on Twitter, Facebook, emailed a friend and Pinned it! 🙂
    My biggest struggle is consistency!!! Some days are great, some are not!!

  • Kerry Ann

    My biggest challenge is motivation! have a hard time just getting started! I’ve shared this with my mother and sister though so hopefully I will have some extra Oomph! to get started 🙂

  • Dawn Peluso

    My biggest challenge is balance, getting the housework done, the kids schooled, meals cooked, church, work from home, etc.

  • Rachel Torcasso

    biggest struggle is motivation!

  • Rébecca N

    I’m interested in your series, but I’ve already bought the bundle through another website…

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