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I always wondered what it meant to feel God’s pleasure

I remember at a conference a woman saying that she felt God’s pleasure when she blogged.

Another friend felt it when she ran, which is of course is like the famous Christian missionary and olympian, Eric Liddell.

But I, I didn’t know what it meant. I asked God for it, to understand it, to feel it, to know it. I tried to manufacture it, you know, thinking maybe it was when I mothered my children or homeschooled or wrote, but the truth is, I didn’t feel God’s pleasure in the way I think others were meaning it.

I couldn’t define it or hold it or figure it out. Maybe it was just words, this pleasure of God, and maybe Him being pleased with me as His daughter was what it was. Or something like that.

But today, today I felt what I can only describe as God’s pleasure, His love over me, just because it pleases Him to see me pleased. I’m botching it up here, because I can’t quite explain what I’m trying to say, but He gave me a gift today and I felt His pleasure in the giving of it. I think I especially felt His pleasure because I didn’t deserve the gift; I’m not worthy of it. And yet He is so kind and so merciful and so happy to give, just because He likes to give His children good gifts.

I was excitedly talking to a friend about the gift and he said, “You’re giving me delight in your delight.”

Yes, that’s it. That’s what I think it means to feel the pleasure of God: to feel His delight over you in your delight.

I told my husband about feeling God’s pleasure and he told me he felt God’s pleasure this year for the first time, and it had to do with doing woodworking projects that delighted him. He felt God’s delight in his delight.

It’s overwhelming.

And it’s awesome.

Just as a father takes delight in seeing delight in his daughter, this is how God sees us; our joy makes Him happy.

I make Him smile, and so do you.

Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that just the best?

My prayer for you today is that you would experience the pleasure of God, personally and intimately and overwhelmingly. He loves you. He takes delight in you.

Can you feel it?


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  • Lorelie Y

    Sarah Mae yes!!! How am I 36 and only understanding this now??! I recently received some very scary, or rather what SHOULD be very scary, health news. It will impact my future and my family’s future. Funny thing though, I have absolutely no fear. I have never been so aware of God’s provision and care before; I’ve always known it, but this is different. I FEEL it. I feel so picked up and carried. I am enjoying daily life so more than I ever have. I literally am feeling God’s pleasure! And really, such a weird time to feel it.
    I can’t get over how peaceful I feel. I am soaking up God’s blessings.
    I’m so glad you are feeling the pleasures of the Father too! What took us so long? Lol

  • Linda Fitzpatrick McClellan

    Oh, Sarah Mae! That’s the feeling I get when I go out and check my flowers or create something in art. Here I am in constant pain from my back and looking at another back surgery and I still feel God’s pleasure in the little things. It takes my mind off my pain for a little while and that is also part of the gift. I pray at night and in the morning for Him to just get me through the night and the next day, one hour at a time. Tuesday I will have something for pain and God’s handling it until then. I also go to my safe place, like meditating, except I go to Jesus and sit close beside Him and sometimes he puts His arm around my shoulders. I love to go there. I told a woman who was teaching the Dialectical Behavior Therapy class where I got off all the pain meds I was on so I could have surgery and she asked me where I went. I told her I was with Jesus and she said “I never thought of that”. Maybe she will now. Thank you Sarah Mae!

  • joy thacker

    These are encouraging thoughts Sarah! I remember as a teenager, I got creative with someone’s leftover long green plastic strips, and made a medium sized basket out of them. I was absolutely delighted with my brand new basket, and was taking great pleasure in the beauty and utility which I created. Then it struck me . . . God’s pleasure in me is like that, but oh so much more. Feeling His pleasure in you as you say it wonderfully is, “To feel HIs delight over you in your delight.”

    Thank you Sarah! From the Cartoon Lady

  • http://christinslade.com/ Christin

    I just love this…it is such an overwhelming and amazing experience to feel the pleasure of God.

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