Stich Fix Nailed It This Month (Want to See?)

by SarahMae | November 28, 2017 8:25 pm


This is how I’m feeling these days! Yay! It’s a whole new world!

Last month I didn’t share my box with you, one, because I was in the depths of despair[2] (or something like that), and two, it was only an okay box. BUT THIS MONTH,¬†my stylist nailed it. I asked for fall shirts and she delivered!

Take a look (My daughter took the pics)!


It’s soooooooo cozy!


I love this shirt! It is so comfortable and flattering and COMFORTABLE!


This jacket. Be still my heart. Also, how about that lovely shot of my gray hair? ūüôā

(Yes, I’m going gray silver – you can read about that here[6])


This one is a nope for me. I don’t like the fit.


This is another no for me, but only because the neckline is weird to me and I’m weird about necklines in general.

Try Stitch Fix HERE[9]!

Yep, I know it’s expensive. But I’m trying to get better at¬†picking clothes that look nice and will last, and I’m willing to spend (if and when I can) a little more to meet that end. I’m a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but it’s nice to have more…adult clothes. Also, I do not like to go shopping, not my thing (unless we’re shopping for books or food). This is why I like Stitch Fix; someone else picks nice, fashionable clothes for me (for only $20) and I get to avoid shopping. And if I don’t like something, I just send it back in their PRE-PAID envelope. So easy.

If you are like me, then maybe Stitch Fix is for you. If so, you can use my referral link HERE [10] and they will wave the $20 styling fee for your first Fix. Another win!

Now one last thing! If you ever want to see behind the scenes pics and vids, head over to my Instagram[11] where I share things like this (this is an IG story):

You can follow me on Instagram and[12] HERE[13]!
Have fun not shopping!

Love, SM

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