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When You Can’t Fix Your Weary Soul

It feels like being stuck in a glass box. You can see out but you can’t get out.

It feels like you have to cook a feast for 5o people while also cleaning your house and schooling your kids, and you have less than a day to do it (but really you have nothing to do).

It feels like drowning and trying to swim is just too hard.

It feels like rage under your skin.

It feels like fog.

It feels like loneliness when you’re surrounded by people.

It feels like being in a slow-motion dream.

Everyone else seems so normal. Everyone seems to have energy. Everyone seems to be able to get dressed and do things and take pleasure in air and people and pumpkins.

I am tired. I am so tired and I am sad and I feel overwhelmed nearly all the time for no reason. My body crawls with anxiety, in the middle of the night, during the day.

I am jealous of people who seem to be able to function well and get things done and enjoy life.

I am tired. I have tried to claw out of this box, this thing that has me under it. But I can’t. I can’t fix this weary soul.

“God, help.”

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Love, SM

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  • Heather

    Hi Sarah Mae! I have been where you are…I am a homeschool mom of 3 and years ago before I got help I almost didn’t want to live…I remember telling my husband it wasn’t that I didn’t want to live but in the state that I was I just couldn’t imagine going on. I found a great Dr that was able to help me with what turned out to be my adrenal glands…which were fatigued to the point I was barely making cortisol(needed to deal with stress, which I had a ton of daily!) This adrenal fatigue affected my thyroid which affected my hormones which made me a HOT MESS!!! If you want to read more about adrenal fatigue you can get on Dr Axe’s website…he is a believer and an amazing Integrative Dr which is what you’re going to need. Mainstream doctors will put you on pills because they aren’t trained to test these things that are soooo simple to fix with the right diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes. I am living proof and praise God for the huge improvement I felt once I got tested and figured out what was going on. You can do this through a comprehensive saliva hormone test which you can order through ZRT laboratory. Check them out online and give them a call! If you would like to talk I would be more than happy to point you to the right doctors and people…I live in Berks County PA and deal with all local people. Feel free to contact me!! I would hate to see you mess up your hormones more with unecessary medication. At the very least, get on Dr Axe’s website and watch his videos and read his articles on adrenal fatigue and how it affects so many other things physically on our body…so many people suffer needlessly with this bc of the fast paced, stressful lives we all tend to lead.
    Hope this message will be a timely one for you…praying for you today!!
    Much love,

  • Melly

    I am in tears after reading this. You put into words what I have been feeling for so long. The trouble is that the medicines haven’t worked. The longer you live like this, the more you struggle with your faith and God. Some days I just don’t understand how I could be in so much pain for over 5 years and not find relief- or why God wouldn’t give me relief. I know it is wrong to feel that way, but He already knows how I feel. I keep telling myself that there is a reason for this. There has to be because God is good and He works things together for good. There are moments I believe that and it keeps me going. I know I am blessed, but for some reason it doesn’t fix me. The brain fog doesn’t clear and everything inside of me screams to go back to the bed, crawl in the fetal position, and just cry. Sadly, there is no time for that. Thank you for sharing whether it is real or not. It is comforting to not feel alone, although I would never wish this on anyone. Many blessings for healing.

  • Megan Trader

    Thank you for your honesty. I was wondering where your funny instastories were. I met you at A Night To Breath this year and it was so fabulous. This year I also started taking a med because my joy has been stifled under tears and stress and exhaustion and loneliness. I’m there, too. The meds have helped a good bit. I think God will bring ‘me’ back around. I think He will bring you back around, too. Stronger, more capable, more confident in Him than ever. Hugs.

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