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“You may not be able to kick down brothel doors, but you can send someone who can.”  

Bravo Team in India is composed of four national investigators operating primarily in a major city of India. This team, lead by a former-journalist-turned-abolitionist has rescued 150 victims of trafficking with The Exodus Road in one month alone. They travel six hours each way into the red-light districts and find underage victims in brothels and dance bars. This brave team has literally rescued dozens of virgins before they were sold. After gathering evidence through their covert cameras, they work closely with police to conduct fairly immediate raids.

When you join me in adopting the Bravo Team, you will receive…

* Exodus Road magnet
* “Rescue is Coming” bumper sticker
* Rubber bracelet “rescue is coming”
* Fridge card of your Team with details about them and their work
* First Team Token – Each four months you will get another token which you can collect and which will symbolize your teams’ work/progress
You will also get to sign up for live update from their teams via texting.

More Information:

200 sponsors at $35/month will fully fund the Bravo team of four national investigators.

Exodus Road Covert Footage. MUST WATCH. from The Exodus Road on Vimeo.

James and Indian Rescue Mission from The Exodus Road on Vimeo.

James has been working to free slaves for nearly a decade. In the last three months, he and his team have rescued 152 girls from sexual slavery in India.
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Learn more about The Exodus Road HERE.

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