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Join me in April for the #MarthaHomeMaryWay Challenge!


I have renewed hope for cleaning.

Do you know why? Do you want to know why? IT’S BECAUSE MY FRIDGE DIED (major bummer) SO WE HAD TO GET A NEW CLEAN ONE!

Did you catch that? CLEAN one. It’s clean. I DON’T HAVE TO CLEAN IT!

All of a sudden I feel like, “I can do this, I can clean my house, I can DO ANYTHING. Hear me ROAR!”



It’s so clean!!


And pretty!

This is just the beginning. Starting April 11th I am hosting the #MarthaHomeMaryWay challenge, and I so hope you will join me!


We will have fun! We will mop together! We will scrub the floors and do laundry and… I am totally overselling this cleaning thing but WHATEVER! The friends who clean together stay together. Or something like that. So…

Join me!

And let’s get our homes Spring cleaned!

Love and fairy maid wishes, Sarah Mae


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Cleaning Supplies for YOU! (Launch Week)


For those of you who have been around here for awhile know that I love me some Grove Collaborative (formerly ePantry).

I love them mostly because ever since I stared using them over a year ago, I have never once, NOT ONCE, run out of toilet paper. And you know when you run out of toilet paper and then kleenex and then…well, the point is, NO ONE WANTS TO RUN OUT OF TP. Espeically when you’re in the bathroom. “CAN SOMEONE FIND ME SOME TOILET PAPER?!”

For real though.

But with Grove Collaborative, a box shows up at my door every month, so I don’t have to even think about things like TP, paper towels, napkins, or cleaning supplies. It’s intuitive. And I love it.


I also love the smell of the Method almond wood cleaners. OH MY GOODNESS. So good. I just want to sniff my table all day.


Here are a few more reasons I use Grove Collaborative (GC):

All the Goods You Need

As I said above, having a box come right to your door is WONDERFUL. Another wonderful thing is GC doesn’t just have cleaning supplies but also every day toiletry items such as shampoo, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine supplies, and more. I cannot tell you the relief I get knowing I will have boxes of all of these things show up when I need them without thinking about it.

If you don’t want to have to worry about any toiletry needs, you should give Grove Collaborative a try.

Save Some Dough

Okay, so here’s the thing, GC isn’t always cheaper depending on where you shop (often times it is though), BUT, in the long run you will most likely save money if you’re like me and go gang-busters when you do need supplies. You know how it is, you go in FOR JUST ONE THING (I’m looking at you, Target) and you come out with shoes? Yea, NOT SAVING MONEY!

If you want to save money by defaulting to GC to give you just what you need when you need it, you should give GC a try.

The Service is TOP NOTCH

I am so so so impressed with the people at GC. You guys, they are AMAZING. If you have ANY problems, they will help you, and they are kind and on it. If something doesn’t work out for you, they’ll take care of it. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, they’ll make it right or refund you. There are no fees for being a part of GC and you are always only charged for the products you buy.

If you want and appreciate good customer service, you should give GC a try.

Healthy Products

There are so many chemicals getting into our bodies every day and quite frankly, that freaks me out. I am pretty grounded person, but I really want to pay attention to what products I’m using in my home and on myself and my children. Are they safe? And in addition to caring about the people in my home, I want to know that I’m making kind choices when it comes to my stewardship of this beautiful world God has given into our care. At GC, they only offer products that are environmentally and child and pet safe.


Great News and a Giveaway!

First, the kind folks at GC have offered to give my readers FREE products when you decide to give them a try.

“I ordered from them and loved my box! It came really quick. Even had a hand written thank you note! Thank you for sharing about them and the deal you offered:) love the almond floor cleaner. I’m a customer for sure now!”

-Bonnie Schlappe

Specifically, when you sign up by spending $20 on cleaning supplies (they have oils too FYI), you get my favorite Method wood cleaners, the floor cleaner AND the surface cleaner, for FREE, along with FREE SHIPPING. No brainer here friends. Especially if you’re taking the 31 Days challenge in April (you are, aren’t you?!).

Here’s a suggested basket for you if you’re new to GC:



  • Method Dish Soap
  • Antiback Bathroom Cleaner
  • Toilet Cleaner (I actually love this stuff)
  • Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap (the basil is so good)
  • Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Method Wood Floor Cleaner (FREE)
  • Method Wood Surface Cleaner (FREE)

Total: $20.65 (FREE shipping)

To sign up and give it a go, just HEAD HERE and begin the 2 minute process. BONUS! Grove Collaborative is giving away my book randomly to people who sign up! How fun is that?! So get on it! 🙂

Now for the giveaway!

One of you is going to with a caddy filled with all the products listed above!!!! All those pictures of products you see in my post – YOURS! Thank you GC!

Just fill out the form below! WOOT! Open to the U.S. only. This giveaway ends on March 19th, 2016, at 11:59pm EDT.

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Dear Younger Self (and all the homemakers out there who feel like they’re failing)

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 6.21.24 PM

Always. Everyday. I’m hoping we don’t have to do dishes in heaven.

I USED TO REALLY beat myself up over the way my home looked, and I believed some lies that caused havoc in my heart. Lies that sounded like this:

“I will never change.”
“My husband would be happier with a woman who cleaned all the time.”
“I hate cleaning, and I hate that I’m not the cleaning type.”

I put a lot of stock into how well and how often I cleaned (which wasn’t well or often), and I constantly felt like a failure. I wanted to be a good homemaker; I wanted to make my husband proud.

It’s been twelve years since I got married and started keeping a home, and while I’ve grown into my own as a homemaker, I still have to work at it. But I have learned a few things, and I’d like to share them with my younger self . . . and all the non-cleaners of the world who struggle with feelings of failure.

Dear Younger Self (and every woman who feels like she’s failing as a homemaker),

Your identity is not defined by how well or how often you clean.

The sum of who you are is not in your ability to keep the dishes off the counter and the laundry put away. You are no less or no better in God’s eyes. You are His, which means that you are beautiful and perfect because of Jesus, right now, right where you are. As you continue to submit to the Holy Spirit, He will mold and change you to be more like Jesus. From an eternal perspective, you are already complete. Yes, you’re working it out here on this earth, but your righteousness is set before the throne because of Jesus. Rest in that truth a minute?

My friend, your identity is not in what anyone else thinks of you. (tweet that)

I used to believe the lie that my husband would be better off with someone who was a good cleaner. I was in so much bondage due to this lie; I felt worthless. The truth is, my husband would love it if I cleaned more and better, but
 he loves me and is committed to me for life. He accepts my purple boots, my sparkly nail polish (Can a grown woman wear sparkly nail polish? Yes!), my driven personality, and my complete lack of Martha Stewart DNA. I care what
 he thinks because I love him and respect him, but we also respect each other as we grow. The thing is, even if my husband thought I was worthless or stupid or whatever because I didn’t clean up to a particular standard, it wouldn’t really matter because he doesn’t have the authority to tell me who I am. That authority is reserved for God alone.

Only Jesus has the authority to tell you who you are. (tweet that)

Here’s another thing: you are not a slave to your personality.
 I’ve got news for you, love— “This is just who I am, accept it” is a selfish excuse and not fit for a woman who longs to be like Jesus. When I claim, “This is me, deal with it!” I am not claiming the humility or servanthood of the One who died for all my ugly. No, that’s not the way of the Cross. The way of the Cross is to submit your personality and your bents and all of the things that make you who you are to Jesus. All of who you are is for His glory.

It’s okay to know you will never have the Martha Stewart way about you. God doesn’t love you any more or any less because of your bents. However, He does ask you to obey, to be faithful, and to trust His work in your life as you surrender to Him. And so I counsel you to practice laying yourself low and to follow the Way.

You can choose to love well through keeping your home.

I know you don’t like to clean—you find it boring, and you’d rather do almost anything else. But listen, you can love others well by creating a place of peace and beauty for those around you. You can love yourself well by taking care of your home and giving life to it. You can create beauty out of ashes, peace out of chaos. It is Kingdom work, eternal work, because love is eternal. Look at cleaning as an act of love toward yourself and those around you. Look at it as an act of worship to your God, an ebb and flow of life that you will settle into.

I think the best part of being married, having children, and keeping my home is that I now understand more of who I am and that life undulates as I swim through it. I know the ups and downs, and I know there are times of great consistency, great upheaval, and great peace. I have learned to be content with the ebb and flow of life. I know I’ll never be the go-go-go type of cleaner, but I also know I will care for my home and the people in it. I will choose to maintain my home, push back on the Genesis Curse, and persevere in order to love well.

It’s a good place to be when you find peace, when you accept who you are, when you quit striving, and when you give yourself to the Potter. It’s the sweet spot.

Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” -Jesus, in Matthew 11:29-31

With love, Your Future Self who is still wishing for a maid but who is at peace with her identity in Christ, Sarah Mae

Looking for some encouragement when it comes to making a home? Check out my new book, Having a Martha Home the Mary Way.

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Domestically Challenged? Me Too. Let’s Have Some Fun Cleaning Together.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.53.23 AM

Oh, you know, just AIR GUITAR MOPPING. As one does. Obviously.

That’s right, cleaning fun.

Because I have to clean one of two ways: Happy, fun, turn up the music, WOO HOO, “let’s dance!” cleaning, OR candles lit, jazz or acoustic music, slow and steady cleaning. The slow and steady cleaning I usually do if I can get everyone out of the house (daddy date!). Any other kind of cleaning is depressing for me. And for my kids because it usually involves me yelling at them something like, “HURRY UP, get it done, DADDY’S COMING HOME SOON!” Not my finest moments.

So back to fun. I think, if we’re going to clean, we might as well have some fun with it! And also, not go it alone. I want to be encouraged and inspired to not only make my home a welcoming, warm, happy, peaceful place, but I also want to link arms with other women so we can KEEP ON.

“But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.” Hebrews 3:13

“…let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds…” Hebrews 10:24

And because I believe so much in lifting one another up and being a “keep on” and “begin again” friend, I wrote a book to do just that for all of us out there who are trying to make a home. It’s for those of us who aren’t naturally inclined to cleaning, but who want to create a place where love is sown in and grace takes root. And also where you don’t trip over all your things (there’s a story in the book about this actually happening to my old land lady when she made an unexpected visit into my apartment in college and it’s a doozy!). Read all about the book HERE.

If this is you, then I am TICKLED to tell you that my new book, Having a Martha Home the Mary Way is NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER!!!!! Yes, the original form of this book was the 31 Days to Clean eBook. YES, it’s been updated and revised and I’m particularly happy with the WHOLE NEW Mary Challenges section!


Isn’t it so pretty?!

Let me break it down for you:

HMHMW (so much easier this way) is broken up into 31 short, daily chapters to help you practically and spiritually. And even though I wrote from the perspective of a non-natural cleaner (I WANT A MAID), I have been told by several Martha types that the book encouraged their hearts to be more like a Mary. Sidenote: The title of “Mary” and “Martha” is based off of the stories of the two sisters in the Bible, Martha being the one who “gets it done” and Mary who chooses to sit at the feet of Jesus. You can read their story in the book, and of course, in the Bible.

At the end of each days reading are two challenges:

The Mary Challenge: Scripture and questions to encourage your heart (these are all new)

The Martha Challenge: Cleaning tasks that help you get your home in order (WE WILL HAVE FUN! Because I include things like, “eat a cookie” at the end of your tasks. 🙂 ) TO NOTE FOR ALL THE SERIOUS CLEANERS OUT THERE: No, there is nothing new under the cleaning sun as far as the cleaning tasks go. My goal with the book is to relate, encourage, and inspire, and have some fun along the way with devotionals, stories, Scripture, questions and FRIENDSHIP. We will clean together. BUT I will say that I doubt any other cleaning book tells you to eat cookies, hire a maid if you can, AND let you off the hook if you miss a day! 😉 Let me say again, this is written by a non-cleaner, but a TOTAL people lover who wants to and believes it a worthy mission make a home. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Where were we…

Ah yes.

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way: 31 Days to a Clean Home and a Satisfied Soul is available now for pre-order (although apparently it’s already in bookstores), and comes out officially on March 15th! If you order today, you’ll probably have it by next week! FUN.

And because I like fun (can you tell?), I have GIFTS FOR YOU!

One of my favorite things about launching a book is giving you all gifts! It’s like a birthday. I mean, it is a birthday, a book birthday! HAPPY {almost} BIRTHDAY BOOK!

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Satisfied Soul graphic with book

If you are longing to go deeper into the heart of the Mary Way, this journal companion is for you. Spend 31 days leaning in and resting in the One who satisfies our souls completely. Based on Mary of Bethany’s interactions with Jesus, 31 Days to a Satisfied Soul takes you deeper into the heart of God by offering four daily components: Receive, Reflect, Pray, and Remember. Receive what God has for you through Scripture, reflect on what might be hindering you to find soul satisfaction, pray God’s Word and will into your life, and remember a key thought to hold close.

  • The 31 Days to a Satisfied Soul Journal – PDF Version (The paperback is on sale now on Amazon!)
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Joanna Weaver, bestselling author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

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Love and cleaning fairies and happiness to you today! SM

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Why I’ll Never Have All the Laundry Done and I’m Okay With That (Or, How to Love Yourself and Others Through the Art of Gentle Homemaking)

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.32.00 PM

I love the smell of clean clothes.

I mean, I just bury my head in a pile and take a deep inhale. And when I wash my sheets it’s like heaven. Heaven probably smells like clean laundry. Or bacon. I haven’t worked out the theology on that one yet.

The problem is, I so rarely smell the wondrous smells of clean laundry because you actually have to do the laundry in order to reap the smell reward. And when I do the laundry, sometimes I leave it in the dryer a few days, and that just ruins the good smells.

I have to tell you though that some days I rock at the laundry. I mean I tackle like, six loads in a day, including folding and putting away, and on those days, I feel awesome. I feel like a laundry queen or something. And I tell my husband in a way too giddy voice about my accomplishment and looks at me like, good job? YES GOOD JOB! I did the laundry! Lots of it! Sidenote: he has banned me from doing his laundry because apparently I don’t do it right. Do people really still separate colors?

I do have a reason for telling you all this. I’m airing my dirty laundry (HA! Get it!) because you must know when you see my new book that it is for all the non-awesome cleaners out there.

I struggled for YEARS with feeling like such a failure as a homemaker. I used to wish that God would have given me a different personality/set of gifts. I wanted so badly to be a natural at homemaking. The reality is, it doesn’t come naturally for me. I have to work at making a home. And by work, I mean pray that I have a maid, but until I do, keep on with the scrubbing. And by scrubbing I mean paying my children to wash the floors.

I JEST. Mostly. I do actually actually sometimes pay my children to wash the floors, but only on the days when I’m super overwhelmed. Otherwise, it’s just a chore they have to do. The point is, I want to make a warm, welcoming, mostly clean home so that the people who are in and come under my care feel loved. I care about my home and I care about the people who come into it. I know I will never be consistent at keeping my home beautifully clean, but have learned a few things over the years about making a home, loving others, and loving myself in the process.

How to Love Yourself and Others Through the Art of Gentle Homemaking

Making a Home Is More About the Heart

Our homes are an extension of our hearts. Whether we have a large home or a small home or a shack, we have the ability to give it life and offer life in and through it. Do we invite people in and offer them a listening ear? Do we make room for people to feel comfortable and welcomed? I know that when someone takes the time to make me coffee, or offer me seat on a comfy couch or leaves a note and chocolate by my bed when I stay the night, I feel loved. It’s not about having a perfectly clean, magazine worthy home; it’s about loving others through the comfort and beauty and atmosphere in a home that breathes gentleness and laughter and depth. I love being in a home where I smell the aroma of cookies baking in the oven, where folded laundry might be on the couch and toys are on the floor but there is space at the table for coffee and conversation. There is life there!

So maybe you don’t have your dishes done, but you have the time to clear off your dining room table, light a candle, throw the toys in a basket and offer up hospitality with an exhale. That’s good. And it’s loving.

I guess what’s left to ask is this: how’s your heart? Is your soul in a frenzy or is stress making life feel impossible? That can certainly mess with home and hospitality, can’t it? I know it does for me. When chaos is going on inside, it naturally filters to the outside. And interestingly enough, when there is chaos on the outside (TOO MANY DISHES, TOO MUCH LAUNDRY, TOO MUCH SIBLING CONFLICT, TOO MUCH…), I feel chaos on the inside. What a cycle. So here’s the thing: one day at a time, slow and steady. Deep breath. “Lord, help me see where I need to find peace in my soul and rest in my heart so I can love practically. Show me what is essential and what I can let go of. Search me, teach me, and lead me in the way I should go.”

My Identity is Not in My Ability to Clean

I know it might sound crazy, but for so long there was a part of my identity was wrapped in what I thought a homemaker should look like. For one, I thought that if I just tried harder and set more goals for myself I’d eventually get into a great habit of cleaning and it would get easier for me. I also thought that as a woman it should just fall into place, this homemaking thing, and if it didn’t, something was wrong with me.

I wasted so much time thinking I was a failure. I thought my husband would be better off with someone who kept a clean home all the time and just rocked at it. I felt like I was failing my family, and I thought I was failing God. Why couldn’t I just get it together?!

And then, I had a revelation. You can watch me talking about it here. I realized that I am who I am and I cannot fix myself. I cannot mold myself into the person I want to be. It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that I can mature and grow. God is the potter, I am the clay. I can only submit to the molding. And this is good! I’m in His good, kind, gentle hands; He will do the work in me. It is because of this complete dependence on Him that I must find my identity in Him alone, otherwise I’m looking to myself to succeed. The problem with that is, I will always fall short. I will never meet my own expectations. It is far better to exchange my heavy yoke for His light one. I now know I don’t define who I am, cleaning doesn’t define who I am, my husband doesn’t define who I am, certain ideas of what a homemaker should look like don’t define who I am; only God can tell me who I am. And with that, I can exhale. Because He says I’m His child, righteous and perfect according to heaven because of Jesus.

When I’m Gentle with Myself, I’m More Gentle with Others

We are so hard on ourselves, aren’t we? I am my worst critic and my harshest accuser. I have had to learn how to be gentle with myself, remembering that I am but dust, and I am weak, but I am so very loved and delighted in. I am learning that the way I look on others with compassion, seeing that we all have junk and wounds and sin, I can look at myself. I can have compassion on myself. I wrote awhile ago about learning to pray for myself the way I pray for others, and those words minister to me today.

“I’m not very objective when I pray for myself.

God, I am so stuck, and I’m terrible at this or that and can you please help me, and take away the ugly and help me not be such a loser.”

Last night as I was reflecting on some sin issues I’m dealing with, I thought I would try praying for myself the way I might pray for someone else. Praying for “Sarah Mae” helped me to be able to separate myself from all the negative junk I see and feel and heap on myself, and instead pray for “her” as someone who is loved and beautiful and good enough and righteous because of Jesus, and made in the image of the living God. I could pray for “her” objectively. I felt encouraged by praying for myself in this way because it helped me to gain perspective in how easily it is to pray as though I’m unlovable and too much of a wreck and just pitiful (which I sometimes am). But we don’t pray for others that way, which is interesting, and enlightening.

Today, if you’re finding yourself beat up or feeling crummy or if you just need some objectivity, try praying for yourself as though you were a dear friend, or one of your children. Wrap yourself in prayers of love and light and intercession.”

And in that same vain, we can be gentle with ourselves, speaking and believing words of truth instead of words of condemnation. Our Father in heaven is kind and gentle and will be strong when we cannot, and will fight for us, and will lead us every day. We go not alone. Thank God.

Now, I want to go back to something I said a few paragraphs up. I mentioned my new book that is for all of us out there who want to make a home and love others through it, who need some practical “get it done” advice but without the harshness. It’s for those who believe in the beauty of homemaking, but who also need to know they are enough even if the laundry keeps piling up.

You are loved. I will say it a million times over until your brain and your heart connect and you get it in your bones and through your soul and it becomes the most profound thing in your life. You are loved and pursued. See when you know you are loved, you will be gentle with yourself and others, you will believe God and how He delights in you and your personality and how He doesn’t condemn you or look down on you because of the dishes in your sink. He has so much more for us if we can just get passed the condemning voices and listen to the One voice that speaks all truth.

So here’s the book, Having a Martha Home the Mary Way, and it’s for you and for me and for anyone out there who is what I like to call, domestically challenged. It will help you get your home clean in a fun way, and it will help you get into your soul so that you can find rest and truth where it all matters.

So friends, fellow struggles, let’s journey together in getting our homes clean and our souls is a place of deep satisfaction.

Your laundry queen friend, Sarah Mae

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