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Do You Need a Night Away? (A Night to Breathe)



A Night to Breathe | 3/18/17 | 7pm | Hilton Harrisburg

I’d like a night away.

In a hotel room. With clean sheets and a hot bath and ALONE TIME. To myself. All by myself.

That’s how I’m feeling right now.

I’m filled to the brim with love for my children, they truly are a delight to me. But I know that even this happy mama needs time away. And I just haven’t gotten it lately because my sweet husband has been working around the clock on his business (self-employed life, you know?).

So, I’d like a night away. How about you?

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Join Us!

Amy and I are once again hosting a night for moms to have a collective EXHALE! We call it, A Night to Breathe.


Treats, coffee, encouragement, and most importantly, A NIGHT TO YOURSELF IN A HOTEL ROOM. Really, that right there is the major plus.

Here are the deets:

What: A night to breathe, relax, enjoy, eat, drink, and be filled up so you can go home refreshed

Who the Event is For: This event was designed with the mom in mind who is tired, could use a rest, and wants to be spurred on to keep on. While an older mom with teens might benefit, it is really for those moms with younger children (say, under 11).

When: Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Where: Harrisburg, PA

Time: 7-10pm (But we HIGHLY recommend you spend the night so you have all morning to breathe, process, pray, and plan for your soul and your family.)

Tickets: There are 100 spots and tickets are $60 which includes access to the talks, snacks, dessert, coffee/tea, and a gift.

Hotel Room Rate: If you choose to spend the night, the hotel room rate is $110. There are only so many set aside at this price, so you’ll want to get on it as soon as the hotel site is set up for the group rate (soon)!

Soooo… get your friends together or come and meet some new ones!

Get Your Tickets HERE!

See you in March!

Love, Sarah Mae

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A Night to Breathe Take 2!


The new date is March 19th!

Get your ticket HERE!

I am so tickled to be able to tell you that…


Oh, I cannot even tell you how excited I am about this. And it took a looooooooooong time to make the decision about whether or not to do it again, but you know, we moms all need encouragement and Amy and I both believe that A Night to Breathe is a lovely, special, wonderful way to encourage and build up “the motherhood.”

Also, we (Amy and I) know that you are so excited about Christmas and the spirit of this wonderful, cozy season, and who needs to breathe when we’re all happy and cozy?! We get it! But you know how it is, after New Year’s, the days get long and dreary and we ache for rest and rejuvenation in those long winter months. That’s why we decided that we are going to host A Night to Breathe in January. Read on for all the details!

All the Details

Who (is this event for): This event is mainly for moms of little ones WHO NEED TO BREATHE. You know who you are. Of course, anyone woman can come, but the evening is geared towards the moms who really do need a break. And cake. And inspiration to keep on.

When: Saturday, January 23, 2016, March 19th, 7pm (registration begins at 6:15pm)

BUT we HIGHLY recommend you STAY THE NIGHT. We know that after the talks and the cake and the bread (yes, and because of course) what you really need is a night away in clean sheets that you don’t have to wash. Also, you can sleep in, and then you can eat as slow as you want, and THEN, you can pray and have brain space and do the mini-bible study we will give you. TAKE THE TIME. We got you a room rate of only $99, and the rooms are beautiful. Get a room for yourself, just yourself, and BREATHE. Go here to book your room (you have until February 10th to get that room rate) and use code: NIGHT

Where: The event is held at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg, PA

Speakers: Myself and the dear, wonderful, wise, Amy Smoker

Cost: The tickets are $49. There are 100 spots available. Tickets include access to the talks, dessert, coffee/tea, a mini-bible study, and a gift. To get your ticket, go HERE. All desserts are provided by Yellowroses Bakery. YUM!

Eventbrite - A Night to Breathe
A word from Amy:

When we planned A Night to Breathe last year, Sarah and I originally wanted the event to be in January. Because our hearts can ache for rest in the wake of celebrating. Sometimes I need renewed vigor for this motherhood mission, especially as I settle into winter. As a mama, I long for some quiet; I long for a solid night’s sleep, I long for uninterrupted reading and a complete conversation. Ultimately, I desire space and time for my soul to rest.

Our hope is that this event would provide space for us to gather in His name to be refreshed and restored in God and with one another. True soul resting is only found in The Lord (Psalm 62:1), even still, He has designed us to need each other. As a bird finds the needed endurance for her journey in the upwash of her flock; likewise, we need a coming together. This is the heart behind A Night to Breathe.
We all need a bit of relief in the journey of motherhood. Let us carve out a night in our hard winter to take rest, to breathe in the fresh wind He offers within the flock. As we come and gather, we find the courage needed for enduring- for thriving in the endurance.
Sarah and I are super excited and counting down the days, because just like every other mom in January- we need a night like this.

We can’t wait to see you and hug you and KEEP ON TOGETHER!
Love, SM and Amy

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A Night to Breathe Event Update (Childcare, Hotel, and Tickets Left)

– This event is SOLD OUT –nighttobreathe2

Happy Monday!

I cannot tell you what a joy it is to be planning A Night to Breathe. Amy and I are so excited, and it is clear the Lord has been completely before us. We are grateful to serve you all as we prepare a night for you to exhale.



Many of you have called the hotel and have not been able to reserve a room. I am so so sorry. I talked with my contact at the hotel this morning and she said there was a glitch in the system, but that they are working on it first priority this morning. Lord willing, you will be able to make your reservation later today or tomorrow. When you call in, make the reservation for “A Night to Breathe Event.”

UPDATE: You can now make reservations through THIS LINK.


I remember when I had wanted to go to moms event and there was no childcare and I thought, “I am desperate for the encouragement, but I can’t go because they don’t have childcare.” I don’t remember the specifics, but I must have had a nursing baby that I couldn’t leave, because my husband had always been wonderful about me getting out when I needed to. It was with this in mind, and Amy’s tender heart towards nursing moms, that we decided that we would offer very limited childcare.

If the only way you can come to the event is to bring your nursing baby, we want you to come! We can provide childcare for up to six nursing babies. To inquire more about this option, please email me at sarahmaewrites (at) gmail.com. The cost for this is $15 for the three hours during the event.


Several people have asked me how many tickets are left. As of right now, there are 38 4 tickets left to purchase. To get your ticket, go HERE.

Please keep us in your prayers as we plan? Thank you, friends!

Love, SM

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He Goes Before & He Directs Our Steps (A Night to Breathe Event)

To find info on the 2016 event, please click HERE!

amyhoovfamThe Hoover and Smoker Fams

It’s a funny thing, this directing of steps.

Ever since handing Allume over to my dear friend Logan three years ago, I have been content (and happily so) to not run events. In fact, I have done more than a few happy dances celebrating that I no longer have the stress of running a conference.

I still have no desire to run a conference.

However, recently I have felt compelled to do something to encourage moms where I am and with the capacity I have. I have felt the stirring of something, a simple something that could, maybe, bring relief to some moms in our area.

A night out, perhaps? A night of dessert and coffee (or tea), friendship and talks that encourage and offer hope from the stories of fellow moms?

I shared this compelling with my always-has-a-good-word friend Amy (mom of five). She said she also felt the desire to offer hope to moms.

We talked and dreamed and prayed and we decided that we could take a night to lift up and serve fellow moms who just need some time to breathe.

We came up with simple evening, made some calls, and picked a date.

I believe that God has laid this evening on my and Amy’s heart in order to help moms to keep on, but I have to tell you that just a few minutes ago before I began typing this post, I asked the Lord again, “Are you sure? Are you with me? I don’t want to go ahead of you on this.”

I opened up my devotional and read today’s reading. The scripture?

The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

Deuteronomy 31:8

It is with that final affirmation (there have been so many), and my husband’s unwavering support, that I go forward with this simple offering. And you guys, I am really excited about it. 🙂


A Night to Breathe

When Amy and I dreamed up what we wanted for moms, we thought about what we really wanted.

One of the top things? Time away from the noise in order to have some time to think and pray and just be with Jesus. We also would want cake, because CAKE, and coffee or tea and someone to encourage us to keep on in this motherhood thing that is beautiful and crazy and precious and consuming. Also, time to have actual, uninterrupted conversations with friends. Laughter is a must. Grace, of course, because we are all just doing our best. Yea, that’s we what we could really use.

And so it is. A Night to Breathe is an evening (and hopefully morning) for you to get away so that you can get refreshed in order to go back home with your spirit lifted, your soul nourished, and a plan for keeping your sanity, enjoying your family, and being intentional as a mom, wife, and woman.

In keeping with our own desire to have a full morning to ourselves of quiet and actual full thoughts, we are encouraging everyone to stay in the hotel overnight in order to take the whole morning to relax, sleep, breathe, pray, REST, and plan (plus CLEAN SHEETS). Because of this ache for some quiet time and brain space, we found a hotel that was willing to give us an incredible room rate of only $89 a night. If you can swing that, we think it will do your soul good. If not, grab a friend or two, and your whole evening, including ticket and a peaceful night and morning away, could be only $70. We think it’s worth it. However, it certainly isn’t required to stay overnight! To book your hotel room, click HERE.

Details and Tickets

Who the Event is For: This event was designed with the mom in mind who is tired, could use a rest, and wants to be spurred on to keep on. While an older mom with teens might benefit, it is really for those moms with younger children (say, under 11).

When: March 28th, 2015 (Less than two months away!)

Where: The Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey Hotel, Harrisburg, PA (Book your room HERE)

Time: 7-10pm (But we HIGHLY recommend you spend the night so you have all morning to breathe, process, pray, and plan for your soul and your family)

Speakers: Sarah Mae (hi, that’s me) and Amy Smoker (you will ADORE her)

Tickets: Tickets are $40. There are 100 spots available. Tickets include access to the talks, dessert, coffee/tea, a vision planning sheet, and a gift. To get your ticket, go HERE.

Eventbrite - A Night to Breathe
Hotel Room Rate: If you would like to stay overnight (encouraged), we have secured a room rate of only $89. To get this rate, you must book by March 6th. You can do that by clicking HERE.


We hope that you local area moms can join us. We are just honored and excited to be able to serve you and encourage you and be with you. Here’s to the exhale!

Love, Sarah Mae

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