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Sally and I are on Focus on the Family TODAY Plus Desperate GIVEAWAY!


Sally and I have the privilege of being on Focus on the Family today! If you’d like to listen, tune in HERE (or your local station)!

We talk about the reality of motherhood, isolation, my unmet mother-need, and more.

If you’d like a chance to win a copy of the book, just leave a comment below! Oh, and if you think this broadcast would encourage other moms, share it? Thank you!

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

Learn more about Desperate here!

Love, Sarah Mae

P.S. I’m also over at with an article on moms needing each other. Check it out HERE!

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One-Year Anniversary Celebration with Desperate Gift Set Giveaway!

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Happy Monday! :)

Today Sally and I are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the release of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

To celebrate, I will be having a giveaway here every day this week!

About Desperate:

“I just can’t be a mother today.”

If you’ve ever whispered those words to God in quiet desperation, you are not alone.

Desperate is for those who love their children to the depths of their souls but who have also curled up under their covers, fighting back tears, and begging God for help. It’s for those who have ever wondered what happened to all their ideals for what having children would be like. For those who have ever felt like all the “experts” have clearly never had a child like theirs. For those who have prayed for a mentor. For those who ever felt lost and alone in motherhood.

In Desperate you will find the story of one young mother’s honest account of the desperate feelings experienced in motherhood and one experienced mentor’s realistic and gentle exhortations that were forged in the trenches of raising her own four children.

If you’re tired and struggling as a mama, Desperate can help you…

  • see, through the honest words of a young mom in the thick of the little years, that you are not alone or crazy
  • get through the little years with grace and sanity (wisdom from Sally Clarkson, wise woman, mentor, and mama to four grown children)
  • affirm you as a mom instead of make you feel guilty
  • create and pursue a vision of perseverance in the good, daily work you are doing as a mother
  • answer specific parenting questions through the Q & A at the end of the book
  • encourage you through videos of Sarah Mae and Sally talking about each chapter (via QR codes at the end of each chapter)

Today’s Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is a small group gift set to get you started in leading your own Desperate small group book study! The winner will receive 8 books plus the DVD with all the videos discussing each chapter. If you’ve never led a small group study, check out my post on How to Lead a Women’s Small Group Bible Study. And specifically for Desperate, you can download this Desperate Small Group Guide for FREE!


“Powerful, captivating and gut-wrenchingly honest; if this superb book could get into the hands of every mom, our world would drastically change, for the good! It’s a new classic for a new generation.”

-Kristen Habermehl, Author & Speaker from

To Enter

Just fill out the form below! (Email readers, click here to come to the site and enter.) Giveaway ends this Friday at 11:59pm EST!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love, Sarah Mae

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I’ll be signing books at the Lancaster, PA Barnes & Noble THIS Saturday! {Plus 15% off Coupon}

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 7.07.15 AM

My sweet friend Darlene at my last book signing!

Good morning, friends!

Just wanted to let you all know that if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift, and you’re thinking about purchasing Desperate – Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, come on out to the Lancaster Barnes & Noble this Saturday between 6-8pm and I’ll sign your book (and have some coffee with you)! I’d love to meet you! Plus, click on the image below to get 15% off Desperate (or any one item at B & N)!

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 7.20.57 AM

Hope to see you there!

Love, SM

“Excellent, encouraging, surprisingly balanced book on motherhood by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae. Highly recommended.” -Catherine Gillespie, Review of Desperate

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For When You Could Use a Maid {The Desperate DVD Launch and Giveaway}


Today, today, today…

Fun things are happening.

Today the Desperate – Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe DVD Companion Study releases! So, what is the Desperate Companion Study? Glad you asked! At the end of each chapter in the book there are QR codes which lead the reader to a 2-3 minute video of Sally and I talking about the chapter. Those little videos are now available on a DVD to make group viewing much easier (speaking of groups, get a Mom Small Group Guide for free here!). The DVD also includes a bonus Q & A time with Sally and I.

If you don’t have the book yet, take a peek at this video to get a feel for the videos:

To celebrate the release of this DVD, we have some special things for you…

A Sale!

The Kindle version of Desperate is on sale TODAY ONLY for $3.99! Get it here!

A Special Deal!

If you have been wanting to start a book club or group in your church using Desperate, now would be a great time to get the books! If you buy five *paperback* copies of Desperate this week (through Friday) you can get the Desperate DVD for FREE! And if you are among the first 50 to buy the five paperback books, you also get these lovely DaySpring Redeemed – Everything Beautiful Earrings!


Go HERE (or your favorite store) to get the books! Then just take a picture or scan your receipt and send it to: (Remember, the books have to be in paperback to get the DVD and the earrings!)

A Giveaway!

And what’s a launch without a giveaway?! Here’s what’s up for grabs today…


To enter, just fill out the form below! Good “luck!”
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Love, SM

P.S. Want to know more about Desperate? Head to the Desperate website for free resources, the trailer, interviews, and more!

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Be The Mentor You Never Had (Plus, Is Desperate Only For Those Who Can Hire Help? Addressing An Amazon Review)

desperatebook1-196x300Today is the last day of the book club here; Sally will write about the last chapter on on Thursday.

There are two things I want to address from the chapter and from some of the reviews on Amazon. First, an excerpt from Chapter 14, Desperate…Not Defeated:

“If you go through this season of desperation alone and without help – though I pray that does not happen – then I want you to write down what you’re experiencing and how it affects you. Put in writing how you are going to be there for your children one day and the other young women God puts in your path and be the helper you never had. I want you to think of all the times you have said…

“I wish I just had someone to help me with _______.”

“Why don’t any of the older women ever volunteer in the nursery?”

“I’ve been praying for a mentor, but so far, no one has shown up.”

“It seems like the older women don’t want to invest in the younger women; where are they?”

“I have no money so I can’t go anywhere when I need to get away. I could really just use a night away alone.”

“I’m drowning in laundry! I wish I had some help!”

You have probably thought many of those things, and more. You recognize that you need help, you need time, and you need refreshment. I want you to commit right now that, Lord willing, you will be that person fo a few younger women one day.”

And there it is, the heart of Desperate – reaching out and helping/being friends with another woman so that we can persevere as mothers.

No one should have to do motherhood alone. Which brings me to a comment on a couple of the Amazon reviews:

“Most of their ways to “breathe” are only possible if you can afford to hire help.”

I cringed when I read that comment, for two reasons. One, that is not at all what Sally and I were communicating, and the fact that a couple people felt that was what we were saying, well, it’s painful, and sad and wow, do I need to communicate better?. The second thing is, it’s just not true. The whole of the book is to encourage mothers that they are not crazy for how they’re feeling, and that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings of desperation, and that they shouldn’t have to do motherhood alone – not by way of “hiring help” but by way of friendship and mentors! We mention that if you can you could consider hiring some help around the house, that there is nothing wrong with that if you’re able, but it was just a suggestion. I understand that many women cannot afford any help, but I also know there is so much guilt around the idea that if you hire someone to help you clean here and there you are somehow a failure or less than. I say boo to that! Also, I know what it’s like to not have the money to have some help; heck, I remember not having enough money to buy groceries some weeks! So for those commenters to assume that out of our whole book we are saying the only way to breathe is to hire help, well, I’m just honestly at a loss, but even more so I want to say: I’m so sorry you felt that’s what we were saying. We do not believe that to breathe you need to hire help, we believe that you need help, and we hope you find it in friendship and mentors, and ultimately in the One who loves you and guides and is there for you in every desperate moment.

In fact, here’s a little resolution I wrote up to encourage you in overcoming the desperate feelings that motherhood can bring on, and none of them have to do with hiring help (these are the concepts in the book):

The No-More-Desperate-Moms Resolution

(Get a pretty PDF version of this resolution to print by clicking here)

If I am a mom of little ones…

I will choose to celebrate each day with my children as gifts from God.

I will remember that I am not alone in my feelings of inadequacy.

I will remember to accept my limitations with grace.

I will remember that one day, this season of little ones will be over.

I will commit to making my relationship with my spouse (if applicable) a priority, knowing we are partners in the raising of the eternal souls in our care.

I will pursue friendships with other moms.

I will not feel guilty for taking time for myself to refresh my soul.

I will fill myself with good things in order to keep growing as a person.

I will talk to my children about the importance of serving others.

I will not compare myself with other moms, but instead be the mom God made me to be.

I will remember the hard years of raising little ones so that one day I will help a mother of little ones. I will do for another mom what I wish someone would have done for me.

I will remember to look my babies in the eye, nibble their toes, nuzzle in their necks, dance with them, giggle with them, and remember in whose image they were created.

If I am past the little years and my children are grown…

I will commit to teaching a young mom how to walk with God and read His word every day.

I will “adopt” a young mom who doesn’t have a mom, and I will mentor her and love her.

I will commit to take a mom of little ones a meal from time to time.

I will commit to offer to watch a mom’s little ones once a month.

I will commit to doing an act of service for a mom with little ones once a month (laundry, dishes, general cleaning).

I will encourage my older daughters to serve young moms.

I will remember to tell women to accept their limitations with grace.

I will remember that I am raising generations by helping and loving moms so they can persevere in the noble call of motherhood.

I will do for a young mother what I wish someone would have done for me.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 9.03.55 AM

And there it is, the conclusion of the book club here at Please head over to on Thursday to read the final book club post.

Thank you so much for sticking with this study, and I pray that you would find help and encouragement and resolve to overcome and be the mama I know you are. So much love to you.


You can get your copy of Desperate at Amazon, B & N, CBD, or DaySpring.

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