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The Surprising Gift the Lord Gave Me

Today I got a Christmas card from my mom.

You don’t know how significant that is.

I know, it sounds so normal to get a card, right? But for me, it’s not normal. Normal for me has been having a mom who didn’t know how to be a mom. Her wounds clouded her ability to parent; her heartache led her to alcohol, and alcohol led to the near destruction of her mind, her liver, and our relationship.

Also, she should be dead.

Read the rest over at (in)courage today.


Love, SM

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For the Overwhelming Days When Your Heart and Your Brain are Divided


Today has been what I will call a “heart-brain divide” day. It’s one of those days where my heart wants to clean and bake and homeschool well and be an awesome mom, but my brain wants to work and be creative and not have to think about being responsible for my kiddos. Oh man, I cringe just writing how I’m feeling, but it’s true and honest and it is what it is. I love my kiddos and I have absolute peace about homeschooling, but the truth is, it’s hard. It’s a worth it, good kind of hard, but you know, there isn’t much time left over for me to give my brain the space it wants (needs?) to do its creative thing. And I’m okay with this, with my choice, most days. But some days, like today, it’s a struggle. So here’s what I’m going to do:

I’m going to give myself a pep talk and you all are invited in to listen in. Here we go.

How to Handle The Heart-Brain Divide Days

Make Sure To Fill Your Soul

I called my husband up and shared with him ALL the feelings. He told me that this is how God made me and that it’s important for me to make space for creative pursuits or I will shrivel up and be miserable. I have fought him on this: “No, I’m good, I just want to clean my house and be with the kiddos and bake stuff.” And he’s all, “I know you. You’ll see. You need to be doing creative things.” He knows me so well. And thank God he cares for me enough to help me make take the time to create and work.

All to say, CHIN UP! Listen to your man. He wants you to take care of the kiddos and the home AND fill your soul. Be wise. Fill up. You’ll be a better mom…a better person…if you take the time to create.

These Days Will Pass

These days of heart-brain divide, they will pass. They are a rhythm. Tomorrow I will wake up and get on with it. I’ll get on with taking care of my people, my home, and myself. One step at a time, slow and steady. Grace will cover this day, my faults, my junk, and all the rest. And what’s more, these days of raising and teaching my kiddos will pass as well, and it will go faster than I want it to go. So I’ll remember that and remember that this is a season and giving myself to the season is good and beautiful and I’ll never regret it.

Fill the soul, but remember the season.

We Are Loved Anyway

Thank God He does not love us based on our bad days. Or our good days, for that matter. I am loved, I am enough, I am going to make it.

He knows all of my failures and He loves me anyway.

Yes and amen.

Now, I have something random and fun for you, but I needed to prep you with my heart-brain divide overwhelmed feeling day so that you would understand this:


I mean. Yes, it’s photoshopped. Can you tell?

Yes, that’s me with a photoshopped picture of a cleaning product. BECAUSE YOU GUYS, I’M STILL ON MY SEASON OF REST. But I wanted to tell you about a favorite thing I have right now, and I wanted to take pictures, but…it didn’t happen. So this happened instead.

In all fairness to myself, in this picture I was sharing with you all another of my favorite scents. Also, I really did try to do my hair today, but…no I didn’t. Season of rest friends, season of rest.

So here’s the fun thing: I have holiday cleaning gifts for you. And so does ePantry (yes, I love them, you all know this).

Free Stuff from ePantry!

Okay, here’s the way I see it, if you’re going to clean, you might as well enjoy the scent of your cleaning products, AMIRIGHT?! It is with this nugget of wisdom in mind that I bring up a sweet offer from my friends at ePantry.

Seasonal Scentspromo

My FAVORITE is the cranberry. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It smells SO good. SO GOOD.

Before I tell you how to get the free stuff, I’m going to tell you my ONE main reason that I use and adore ePantry. Are you ready for it? Here it is: TP

Yes, TP, as in, Toilet Paper.

ePantry is on an automatic delivery system, so it sends me TP when I need it without fail. Do you understand what I’m saying? YOU NEVER RUN OUT. And don’t tell me you haven’t. Don’t tell me you haven’t grabbed the tissue box, or dare I say, the paper towels. I know. This woman also knows.

There are several other reasons I recommend ePantry, (you can read my top 5 reasons here), but the main one, always the TP.

Get $20 in Free Holiday Products PLUS Giveaway!

When you give ePantry a go by spending $20 on cleaning supplies, you get over $20 in holiday supplies!

Specifically, you get (in the holiday scent of your choice, but you want the cranberry because IT’S THE BEST):

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Cleaner

  • Free Shipping

How to Try ePantry and Get Your Free Products:

1. Sign up for ePantry by clicking HERE. Listen, it’s quicker than a Target run. Just get to it and never run out of TP again. You’re welcome.

2. Answer a few quick questions about your family and how clean your home is (be honest)! (This only takes about 30 seconds and customizes your first basket.)

3. Once you’ve answered the questions, you can finalize the basket of products and have it tailored to your needs or you can create your own basket of awesome products by adding or removing items.

4. To receive this offer your order needs to total $20 (but you’re getting $20 in FREE products!). Choose the combination of products and scents you want to receive in your first box for all your holiday cleaning needs.

5. You made it! Click finish & pay, place your order. You won’t know how you lived without ePantry in your life!

6. Already hooked on ePantry? Existing customers click HERE to get a free seasonal hand soap in your next order! WOOT!

Don’t forget this special offer is only available until 11/19 at 9pm EST or while stocks last. Also, so sorry, but no shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.


I’m personally giving away a set of cranberry Mrs. Meyers cleaning products to one of you!


Look, I DID take a picture today!

To enter…

Just fill out the form below! Good “luck”! Open to continental U.S. only.

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Love and happy hearts and brains,

Sarah Mae

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On Weary Bones and Getting Unstuck (Replay of My First Periscope)


Well, I finally decided to give Periscope a go. And…

It was so fun! What a treat to be able to talk to you all live where you can ask questions and interact and it’s all FREE! Oh technology, you are such a gift. Anyway, my first go round was a miss. My video replay didn’t work (there was no volume and I was sideways), so I did an encore of my first little talk and the replay worked! Yay! You can watch below!

5 Ways to Bring Relief To Your Weary Bones

Can’t see the video? Click HERE!
Learn more about my Longing for Life course by clicking HERE!
Love, SM

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You have your whole lifetime to be profound

allume conference smilebooth 0158 (1)

With my dear Sally, not being profound, but being profoundly silly!

Oh my goodness.

Sally just dropped some mad wisdom on me today and I wanted to share it with all of you out there who have small children or homeschool or have limited time and brain capacity in this season.

You have your whole lifetime to be profound. (tweet that)

Let me give you the context.

I was talking to Sally on the phone about edits and book writing and I was lamenting to her that I just feel like I don’t have the time for real depth. She told me that you can’t give yourself well when you give to too many things, and to let my season be what it is. “You have your whole life to be profound.”

And there it is, the words I didn’t know I needed to hear. It’s okay that I can’t give myself to deep, profound book writing/editing right now, I just don’t have the time or capacity. I’m not lazy or crazy or anything else, I’m just occupied.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that in case any of you needed to hear it.

Love to you today, SM

P.S. Sally has a new podcast called At Home with Sally! You can check it out here!

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How to Be at Peace with Your Choices


Abraham and the Three Angels by Rembrandt

Let’s talk about Abraham.

That chosen man God called to become a father of a nation, a man of blessing, of promise. That man, that righteous by faith man, he made some, uh, mistakes in his time.

Remember the time he told his wife to pretend she was his sister so the Egyptians wouldn’t kill him, and Pharaoh went and made her his wife? And then he did the same thing with at a later date. Incidentally, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Abraham’s son Isaac did the exact same thing with his wife Rebekah.

Remember also when he listened to his wife and took her maid, Hagar, into his bed so she would conceive a child for him and Sarah? That didn’t turn out so well.

Oh but Abraham was faithful, even if he was fully human and prone to take matters into his own hands. And he loved the Lord, and He eventually stopped questioning the promises of God and just obeyed wholeheartedly, trusting Him completely. And you know, the scripture says that Abraham, “breathed his last and died in a ripe old age, an old man and satisfied with life.”

He died satisfied.

Abraham messed up in some big ways, ways that have had lasting consequences to this day, but yet, he died satisfied with his life.

His sins didn’t define him, his faithfulness did.

Let’s talk a little bit more about what this all means for all of us.

Read the rest over at (in)courage today.

With love, SM

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