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You Were Made to Sparkle

Every time I see my friend Karen, I cry. (She also makes my husband cry.)

There is something about entering into the vulnerable places of your heart with another person that just breaks and releases you. Karen is the woman I talk to when God brings issues up in my life that need to be dealt with. I sit on her couch and I talk and we pray and we ask the Lord what it is I need to know or see or deal with.

Even though I go in willing, once I’m there I think I’m fine, until it’s clear I’m not fine, and then I cry.

I cry because the Lord reveals something in me that needs healing, and it hurts to uncover wounds, but it feels so good to acknowledge them so they can be healed.

And it’s because of this healing that I keep opening myself to this process. You see, I’ve decided that I want a healthy relationship with myself.

I believe the world is desperate for healthy people — people who are willing to have the dark places turned into light.

Join me at (in)courage today to read the rest? Just click here!


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The Sisterhood Circle! Plus, Book Launch Goodness! (What???)




And I will tell you all about it (and show you the cover) soon. It’s so beautiful!

But right now you need to know that I will be pulling my launch team for the book from the gals in my Sisterhood Circle group. The Sisterhood Circle is where I share all about books and projects I’m working on, or just fun things I want to tell you about (on a completely non-consistent basis). I also give my sisterhood circle gals sneak peaks, discounts, and a freebie here and there!

If you would like to be a part of the Sisterhood Circle (SURE YOU DO), head here! If you want to be considered for the launch of le new book (GIDDY), then go on and get yourself signed up for the Sisterhood Circle!

Here’s to surprises and FUN!

Love to you! Oh, and HAPPY SPRING!


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Two Books Our Family LOVES and Recommends!


Bud, Not Buddy


The Watsons go to Birmingham

On our trip to Ohio and on the trip back, we listened to these two FANTASTIC books by Christopher Curtis, who is now one of our favorite authors.

Bud, Not Buddy was the first book we listened to. It captivated my kiddos (6, 7, and 9) and me and my husband. It’s about a boy in the 1930’s who goes searching for who he believes is his father after his mother leaves a flyer about a man in a band. The story is told through the eyes of Bud, a 10 year old boy who has been living in an orphanage since he was six. He eventually ends up and then escapes from a foster home and sets off on an adventure to find his father. The story is both funny and touching and the writing is superb. We exuberantly recommend this book! 5 stars!

The second one we listened to was The Watsons go to Birmingham. We got this one because we loved Bud, Not Buddy so much. This story is hilarious from the get-go, but by the end it is profound and moving and we were all in tears. Set in the 1960’s, it’s a story about a family who eventually sets off to go to Birmingham to visit grandma, and all their adventures along the way. The story is told through a 9 year old boy, Kenny. Near the end of the book a church gets bombed and Kenny in particular is trying to make sense of why someone would want to kill children because of how they look. It is sad and heart-wrenching, but has a beautifully hope-filled ending. In the epilogue the author talks about that time in history and the brave people who were part of the civil rights movement. Excellent, excellent commentary. We also highly recommend this book! But just a note, there are a few swear words in it.


Love, SM

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Less Than 50 Spots Open for the Fair Trade Friday March Box!


Just quickly popping in to let you know that there are only 50 spots for the March Fair Trade Friday box!



The Fair Trade Friday club is run by Kristen Welch (We Are THAT Family) and it “exists as an avenue for women to empower women.  We are tackling poverty through job opportunity and empowerment rather than enablement. 100% of the proceeds support the artisans, more than 300 women and their children from all over the world. FTF is a ministry of Mercy House Kenya, a non-profit organization.”


Kristen sent me a box to check out and when I opened it, I was so impressed. The items are beautiful! My box came with the sweetest pink earrings that I adore (above), boot cuffs, a bracelet, and a keychain. (Each box comes with different items.)


What comes in a Fair Trade Friday box?

  • 3-4 unique fair trade items
  • signature one-of-a-kind handmade bag
  • a product card with information about each of your fair trade items and the artisans who made them
  • a gift tag in case you love an item so much you want to give it away



Want to give it a try? Just click HERE!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.01.56 PM

Love, SM

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Announcements! Author Launch Registration Ends MONDAY and New Book Club Book!

Two quick announcements for you!

First, if you want to write a book but aren’t sure where to begin or how to get through the process, or any other aspect of writing, publishing, and marketing, Author Launch might be of great service to you. You can read about it HERE.  Author Launch registration closes TOMORROW NIGHT (Monday) at 11:59 pm EST! To register, go HERE.

Second, we are on to our next book club book! WOOT! We are into the Christian classics baby!


I will be reading George Mueller’s classic work, Answers to Prayer


You can read along with me or pick another Christian classic to read. I will post my thoughts on the book and quotable wisdom gems at the end of March (I’m a little behind…bear with me?).

Can’t wait to hear what you pick!

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Alright friends, that’s it!

Love, SM

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