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I'm Sarah, and I write to embolden women to get unstuck, make fully-awake choices, and live unregrettable lives. Enter your email below to get a free PDF with my top three steps to help you move toward taking control of your life.

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Life's hard, sister. Don't go it alone.

I'm Sarah, and I write to embolden women to get unstuck, make fully-awake choices, and live unregrettable lives. Enter your email to get a free PDF with my top three steps to help you take control of your life.

One of My Big Mom Regrets (and What I Learned From It)

How I've Learned to Live an Unregrettable Life

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My friend Lynn told me that she read somewhere how parents often think about and get excited and focus on their children’s firsts, but don’t about their lasts.

Yes, I see that. I’ve done that myself.

One of the big regrets I have as a mom is that I stopped nursing my sweet Caroline at seven months because I wanted to go a blogging conference and not have to pump. My poor Care fought the bottle that were trying to train her on, and it was a tough switch. But finally, the weekend of the conference arrived and she was taking a bottle.

I had an okay weekend.

And when I came home I tried to nurse her but it wasn’t happening.

I tell people now I must have in some hormonal, fog-brain state of mind because I would never make that decision in my right mind. Yes, I know Care is fine and healthy, and will have no clue about the nursing situation, but I know. And it hurts my heart and I regret it.

I regret it because I loved nursing. Nursing was always such a precious, sweet, sacred time for me. Yes, it was often inconvenient, but I sometimes think it’s supposed to be because it forces you to get quiet and alone with your child. But mostly I regret it because it was a last. For whatever reason, I never considered that it would be the last time I ever nursed a baby. So instead of quietly and gently releasing my nursing time, enjoying it fully, savoring the time and the gift, I rashly just stopped. And I’ll never have it again.

It was her last and it was my last. And it’s gone.

Now I’m not going to live in my regret because that would be a waste of my life. But I can (and have) learned from it. And I can, hopefully, encourage others with what I’ve learned.

For example,

I’ve learned to go a little slower.

I’ve learned to pay attention.

I’ve learned to take my time to think things through (“Life is not an emergency”)

I’ve learned to make choices that are good and healthy and loving for myself and my family.

I’ve learned that even though I will have regrets (because I’m human and way not perfect on this earth), I can live an unregrettable life. I can live, on the arc of my life, a life that isn’t filled with regret or people-pleasing or poor choices made out of fear or guilt.

I’ve learned how to live satisfied.

And if I can pass any of this onto others to help them to keep on, make fully-awake decisionslive a well-spent life, I’m going to.


if you struggle with making good and healthy choices, or you fear you may regret your life is something doesn’t change, I’d like to encourage you with something very special I’ve been working very hard on: Longing for Life.

It’s a course I created to inspire you to live an unregrettable life, one that on the arc of it all you chose it. You didn’t stay stuck, or let people-pleasing or fear or lies hold you back. See it matters how we live and the choices we make because God has a purpose for us on this earth, and if we are stuck in past wounds or pain or fear, we are not truly free. When you are healed and free you will bring relief to a weary world…and to your own children.

To check out the course, just go here.

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Here’s to living a well-spent, unregrettable life!

Love, SM

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P.P.S. The woman who wrote the article about “lasts” emailed me! Here is the article my friend Lynn was talking: When Did I Last Wash Your Hair?

The winners of the course are….

Hannah Mallery, Julie Johnson, and Melody S.! CONGRATS!!!!!

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