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I plan on releasing (Lord willing) an updated physical planner again one day!

“Thank you so much for publishing the Type B Homeschool planner. I feel like you wrote it for me! I’ve already filled out and highlighted so much!”


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The Type-B Homeschool Plan - 14 Days to Homeschool Ready!

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Many of you have asked me if and when I would release an updated Type-B Homeschool Planner. I have decided this year to just release the “plan” version, instead of the full planner.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time or resources this year to create a full planner, but I wanted you all to have access to the 14-Step planning guide. So, I have made the guide available in a PDF and you can download for only $2.99!

Info on the original planner, which may one day be available again! 🙂

The Type-B Homeschool Planner is the planner for the rest of us.

It’s the planner for the mom who struggles with details, gets overwhelmed with lesson-planning, and is generally laid back but knows she needs to get her ducks in a row if she’s going to homeschool well.

It is simple, clear, and offers step-by-step planning help.


“When I read this quote I knew this planner was written for me: “I love planning, but I’m not always super awesome at following through with my planning.” Um, yeah…. that’s me to a T! I wanted to remember so many sections that my highlighter ran out of ink while reading. I love that this planner is not just for school but for life as well.  Having 14 steps already broken down into manageable pieces was reassuring and helpful in getting the ball rolling. For someone who gets overwhelmed easily, these easy to complete steps (with lots of thought prompting questions) were perfect for me.  I am so thankful to have found a planner that is practical, easy to use, and manageable. Seeing this question “What memories/feelings do you want to invoke in your children during their homeschooling years?” has made me totally refocus and reevaluate why I’m doing what I’m doing. Thank you Sarah Mae from the bottom of my ‘best intentions’ heart.”

Jessica Bish, Mom of Four

To read about why I wrote this planner, read my article, Confessions of a Type-B Homeschooling Mom.

You can hear me talk all about the planner and the story behind it HERE (starts at 20:00)


  • Spiral bound, physical book
  • 233 pages
  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 14-day guide to getting homeschool ready (includes how to lesson-plan without breaking a sweat)
  • Full-year of monthly calendar pages (July 2014-June 2015)
  • Full-year of daily calendar pages (July 2014-June 2015)
  • Planning pages for up to five children
  • Planning pages with question prompts to help you plan
  • Words of wisdom on how to homeschool multiple children
  • Wisdom from seasoned homeschool parents
  • Encouragement from homeschool graduates


“I got the planner in the mail and have really actually enjoyed going through the steps. I am one who also gets super excited about all the awesome stuff we will do throughout the year…and then I lack on follow through. I love the planner…it has given me peace about this journey and has helped me “defragment” my brain. Thank you for making it and understanding how the type B mom learns!”

-Amber S.

Take a Look Inside

Planner Preview (intro and sample calendar pages)

Day 1: Vision (Sample)


“I got mine and I am LOVING it! The planning pages are so good and have started some great conversations for my husband and I. 
Thank you, Sarah Mae!”

-Pamela Lowe

“I LOVE this planner. I think it would be great for non homeschooling families as well.”

-Leanne Eldridge

“I am hooked on this Planner. I actually look forward to filling it up and making our schedule. What a blessing it’s been to us!!! A relaxed mama = happy kids!!”

-Linda Garcia

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Check back in May!

Happy homeschool planning!

*You have 30 days to return the planner. In order to get a full-refund (minus shipping), the planner cannot be written in.

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